OT: Props to a former MSU football player

Submitted by bkewman on February 14th, 2011 at 1:44 AM

While I love to hate on MSU as much as the next guy, I wanted to share a story from this weekend. I had the pleasure to be on a team for a charity/celebrity bowling tournament in Indianapolis on Saturday that raised money for concussion research at St. Vincent's Hospital. While most of the "celebrities" were not super well known people it included: Gary Brackett (Colts), David Boudia (Olympic Medalist and NCAA Champion Diver from Purdue), Legedu Naanee (Chargers), Chris Carr (Ravens), former Spartan RB Jehuu Caulcrick (Bills), and a bunch of others.

Anyway, I'm currently a big brother with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program so I brought my little brother with me to the event. He loved the event and all the players were really great with the kid. Our team was paired up with the team that had Jehuu Caulcrick who many of you remember was from West Africa, father was a politician and was assassinated while he was a kid. His mom and sister escaped to Buffalo, NY. In college he shared the backfield at MSU with Javon Ringer setting the MSU record for most TD's in a single season. My little bro talked a lot of smack (he is 10 yrs old), but Jehuu was great with him and at the end of the night took the jersey he was wearing off his own back, signed it, and gave it to my little brother. It might sound like a simple thing, but its those moments that make a kids life. It is something my little brother will never forget. What a great guy, and I only wish the best for the man. Good to see great people like this out there. I just wanted to share this with people, because while its easy to point out negative things about rival schools, we must give credit where credit is due.



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it's always great to see people doing the right thing.  Hats off for a bigtime character move by Caulcrick.  Sparty or not, that's just a "tremendous" thing to do for a kid.


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Very commendable indeed. This is one of the things that seperates UM and MSU fans. If a former UM player rescued a dozen children from a burning building, there would be a 10 page thread on the RCMB wishing he hadn't made it out of the building.


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is that it takes a UM fan to generalize about all Spartan fans.


But kudos to the OP for being a Big Brother and posting this story about Jehuu. I was a Big Brother for a year while in college at Berkeley and it was at least as challenging as my classes. (For example, how do you tell a kid without a dad that you can only spend half a day with him because you also have to spend time studying?)


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Being a Big Brother is something you should be commended for as well. Thanks for making a difference in that little guys life. Without you being there for him he wouldn't have been in position to receive such a generous gift from Caulcrick.


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Great post.  I had a decent bit of interaction with Jehuu towards the end of college and immediately after.  He dated a friend of mine from high school and was always a stand-up guy.  We had some good natured conversations after he learned I worked for the football team as well.

Honestly, his press conference after out 2007 OT win in East Lansing (the Mike Hart 'little brother' comments game) was heart-breaking.  I obviously felt zero sympathy for Dantonio and most other Sparties, but seeing a class guy like Jehuu after that game was tough.  He's what's "good" about big-time athletes for sure.


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Big ups to you and Jehuu for being Big Brothers and for providing solid role models to kids.  I'm not going to hate on anyone who does that, regardless of where he went to school.


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Little Brothers watch out for each other. 

But seriously folks, this is nice to hear.  Props to Jehuu, and to you as well for your Big Brothering. 


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I give you kudo's for being a good person and putting this in here. I am a rabid Michigan man but I will root for MSU when Michigan is out of it, Just because they are from this state. Good deed by him and you. 


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I would also like to give props to a former MSU player.  DJ Jeff Smoker continuously brings down the house with his sique toons at a club in Grand Rapids, spreading joy to young men and women from all over the metro area.  His talent and rythm not only make him a super star, but also make him "the hottest ex Spartan quarterback" there is.

All jokes aside, props to both you and Caulcrick Bkewman.  Little things can make a big difference for these kids.