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To be honest, High Schools are named for some pretty weird stuff. Considering that Alabama already has a statue of Saban, it wouldn't surprise me to start seeing other things being named after him. 


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Bryant was perceived to represent everything that is good about college football.  Saban is perceived as representing everything wrong with college football.  It is a lot easier to justify naming a HS after Bryant than Saban.  

death by trident

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“As big as an Alabama fan as I am, it would likely not be an appropriate choice, especially this close to the Plains,” Montgomery Public Schools spokesman Tom Salter, who "playfully declined comment" when asked why Gene Chizik's name had not been submitted. 


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I remember how Skyline High School opened right around Bo's death and there was a movement to name it after him. I was highly supportive of course. But they acted so insulted like a sports figure wasn't on a level high enough for an Ann Arbor school to be named in his honor. But the least they could've done was name the football field after him.


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State law limits class sizes to 25 kids per class, but at Nick Saban High School, you're gonna get like 40 kids in every class. Somehow this will be permissible.