OT Projected Ohio state depth chart 2017.

Submitted by MichiganMan14 on January 3rd, 2017 at 6:37 PM
Brand new offensive staff likely to be missing some toys in Samuel and Baugh. Defense is getting hammered in the secondary and possibly losing McMillan as well. JT Barrett has been under fire and is not guaranteed to be the starter. http://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2017/01/78860/depth-c… Michigan has a great shot to be the BETTER TEAM for the second year in a row and you have to love the sound of a first year coordinator and possibly QB?....in the Big House with a Don Brown defense across the ball. Ohio State is always going to be loaded with athletes but their roster next year doesn't NOT strike fear in my opinion.


In Baugh we trust

January 3rd, 2017 at 6:40 PM ^

I always thought that with their youth this year they would be loaded for 2017. Thoughts about beating them were still there since The Game is at home but I never would've thought that we would be the better team outright.


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But they centered around Samuel...who may bolt. Victor is their most promising pass catcher and there are uncertainties about JT going forward. Add a new coordinator and an underwhelming running back core with a new coach....I think theyre going to fall well short of the "Best team Urban has had in Columbus" billing. It's relevant because Michigan cannot be Michigan again until we beat these suckers. Next year is a grand opportunity to do so. I'll take the negs if this thread is deemed out of bounds because to me,it's never too early or overkill to size up the Wicked Witch to the South. We can't realize what we want/need until we take them out.


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Not to bring everyone down but, many people said the same thing last year after they had 12 players drafed. 

We will be losing a lot more than they will in terms of Seniors and players drafted. Also, they are recruiting at an insane level, pretty much 1a to Bama right now in recruiting. 

They aren't going to have "down years" with Urban around, it's on us to get up to that level. Harabaugh has conquered more talented teams before we just have to keep building cause there isn't going to be any off years for OSU.  


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We're not going to see a 7-5 Buckeye team under Urban Meyer.  In terms of talent and experience, 2016 was probably about as soft an OSU team as we're likely to see in the forseeable future, and they still went 11-1 and made the playoff.  They are recruting at a very high level and developing elite recruits into elite players very quickly.  We need to be doing the same, starting this year.


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I hate to say it, but until we actually beat a good Ohio State team (which we haven't done since 2003) coached by Urban Meyer (which we've never done, unless you count the 2008 Capital One Bowl win over Florida), Ohio State will always strike fear.** They weren't supposed to strike fear this year given how young they were, and yet they still beat us.

(** - I'm saying this as a fan. I'm sure Harbaugh and his team aren't afraid of anyone, nor should they be.) 


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That's not the point. I'm saying that an Ohio State team coached by Urban Meyer will always look like a daunting matchup, no matter how favorably our roster lines up against theirs, until we actually beat them. 

And I'm also fine with beating a bad Ohio State team. But I enjoy beating a good Ohio State team much more. 

Mr. Yost

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It's his first year at OSU...which is more of an asset than it is a deficiency. Except our coaches have coached against Meyer and Wilson and it's the last game of the regular season. So really it means nothing.


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That matters as the OC has to learn to work with new players and Meyer etc. It's not always a fluid transition or healthy marriage. Especially going against a defense with the core of the staff in tact with guys they recruited. BIG advantage for the good guys and DO LIKE very much.

I'm sure if we all understand the magnitude of this upcoming GAME. Harbaugh cannot go 0-3 against Ohio State. That's not a realistic option. Nothing is ab I very beating those guys this upcoming season.

Mr. Yost

January 3rd, 2017 at 7:12 PM ^

It's January 3rd. You're telling me he will not have learned the players by then?

I guarantee he will learn the players and know the players and his offense and his strengths and weaknesses more than Don Brown knows how to prepare for him in year 1.

I don't think it makes a difference, but when coordinators are in their first year they often sneak up on people and have success because there isn't the same film or feel for going against them (assuming they have their players in place).

Happens in all sports.

But like I said, in this case it doesn't really matter. Meyer is basically co-OC just like Harbaugh is. So the offense isn't going to change that much, just maybe some of the tendencies.

But Harbaugh and Michigan have faced WIlson's IU teams as well. So it's really not that big of a deal one way or the other.


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Because we play California and Utah? Because Ohio State isn't the biggest game on our schedule every year? Because it's too early to look to next year? Please. You could just neg the post and move on. Acting like keeping up with Ohio State is not relevant is just silly. They matter all day every day and we need to be obsessed with beating them.

The Fan in Fargo

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This here is the most terrible advice I've read all day. You don't want to look worse than your rivals by being an obsessed little bitch and watch their every move. OSU would never look pathetic and like a bunch of clowns so this whole sentiment has to be ruled out. I'm very sorry M.M.14!


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I agree. I appreciate this post. Look at the implications the game had on the outcome of their season and our season. It will be like that more often then not. It doesn't hurt to take a look at their depth chart. It's not like the op spent all day making the depth chart himself.