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For those of your who dont know what powderpuff is...powderpuff is junior girls VS varsity girls flag football (highschool)..this year it actually might be tackle becuase its not hosted by the school so if there is a difference in any of your suggestions let me know.
I am one of the coaches for the juniors and I dont really know where to begin. I think we are going to run the spread becuase we have a lot of smaller faster girls who are athletic. The seniors have one more year of experience and supposedly have a really good quarterback who is athletic (older brothers?). I had originally thought that we could just put everyone pretty much in the box because all they would do is run and the girls couldnt really throw that well and wouldnt be able to really threaten us if we cheat up. But now that I know they have a good QB i need to rethink. . They have a lot of quick athletic girls as well and i cant really think of any big strong girls that would make up the line for them. What type of a defense should we run? im still kinda thinking a blitz heavy defense would work but explain them to me. 

On offense

We are going to put one of our faster girls at QB so hopefully she can do a lot of options and QB sneaks. I think trick plays are going to work great because the other team wont stick to there assignments and once they think the play is going a certain way it will be like 8 year olds playing soccer for the first time (everyone rushes to the ball). so a reverse thrown in there would work great. . What do you guys think about these other trick plays...double reverse, triple reverse, statue of liberty, or hook and ladder..any others you can think of?

While running the ball, dont you think it will be most efficient if we do spin moves while trying to avoid getting our flags grabbed? because if you spin. the girls will miss the flag. 

On defense

I am thinking of having 1 safety, 2 CB, 4 LB with kinda a hybrid Lb that plays either up on the line (Roh) or back as a second safety (depending on how they set up), 2 DE who will be told to just contain and watch the outside run (if they run through the line it is easy for the girls to reach and grab the flag), 2 DT who can hopefully hold there own...I think blitzing from the outside will be most effective becuase thats where the most space will be so i am guessing thats where they will run

Special teams

on kick return I think we should do that play where like 4 players all hudle together once one of them has caught the ball and then peel off in all different directions so that the defense has no clue which girl has the ball.

Once again, these are all very basic thoughts and I am sure I sounded very dumb on most of these strategies..any help would be greatly appreciated and detail would be helpful as well since i have no idea how to teach any of this. Thanks a lot and go blue!



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Passing might be just a good of an option, as the girls in coverage are going to have little idea what they're doing. I could easily see a team focusing 100% on run defense winning the game.

Straight option would be interesting, but you open it up to pitches for fumbles. Flag also makes it a lot easier to tackle, which could take away some of the option's edge.

I'd say go go with one or two base run plays, one being a toss and the other being a something between the tackles, whether it be a dive or a power.

As far as pass plays, I don't know what your girls passing ability is, but have a screen pass and short hook patterns/crossing patters that will be easy to throw at. Both those should work fairly successfully against zone or man coverage.

On D, I'd suggest going with simple man coverage (cover 1 if possible) with only two or three blitz plays. I'd suggest running at least one LB in as a spy for the potentially mobile QB. This could easily turn into a "robber" coverage on short passes over the middle.

I don't think it's feasible to teach a group too much zone coverage, but that really depends on the type of passer your facing and her recievers.


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Oh, and for those blitzing plays, one should be all out, one should be middle, and one should be outside. They should all play off the base cover one so they are easy to remember.

As far as D-Line stunts, keep it simple. If they understand twist, maybe try it once. These girls probably won't get too much technique learned, nor should they need it.


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I refereed our Powder Puff game last year.

The best plays were reverses, throwbacks, etc. No offense to the women reading this (if there are any), but they really don't have any idea about pursuit angles. So if you have a couple fast girls, try to get them to the outside.

If it's flag, yes, spinning is the best option.

I agree about the kickoff return - huddle three or four players together and then have them peel off, but make sure that they "rock the cradle" like they have the ball.

Also, if your QB can throw it, try a wheel route (where the slot receiver runs up the sideline while the outside receiver runs a slant/post/square in). Her defender will probably get very confused.


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A hs style option offense is your best bet.

Like Magnus said, they won't have good pursuit angles and are probably going to over run plays, so options and reverses should be successful.

Put your best athlete at QB, no question.

On D, just stuff the run and dare them to throw, run a cover-1 and play to take away slants, they aren't going to be able to place outside throws.

Also, as a Chicagoan, I can't see powderpuff without thinking:



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Running up the gut is much less effective in flag football, so sweeps, screens, and midrange crossing routes will probably be easiest to execute.

I'd try and playfake in most plays, as it is a simple way to get the defense moving the wrong way. I'd also make heavy use of Slot Wr's motioning across the formation, either handing off or play faking. Again, its an easy way to get a defense confused with minimal risk of turnover.

Screens and crossing patterns give your Qb easy reads, and should be decent gainers. Your probably not going to have a Qb who throws a great deep ball or is great at reading a D, and so passing should be simple routes and simple throws.

I'm not so sure defensively, maybe a simple cover 2? Bring blitzes occasionally and roll your zone to fill those holes. Most of your girls will probably be similar in ability, so pre-snap movement in an attempt to confuse the Qb might be effective.


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Keep.It.Simple. I can't emphasize this enough. You aren't coaching high school boys who have played football since junior football. You coaching n00bs that don't understand football.

I'm coached junior football (as the offensive coach) and did the powder puff coaching thing in high school too. You need a maximum of six plays, and they all must be basic. You probably won't have the time to even teach these six plays well enough but neither will they.

But forget all of the innovation you can think of from watching real football. Don't even mention the word "spread" unless it's after practice (HEY-OOOOO!). You need a sweep, a reverse, a slant pass and out pass and a go route. For fun, work in a QB draw. Forget about running up the middle. Forget about running the option. And forget any pass play that requires the QB to read anything.

Counters and the like don't work because most of the girls don't play/watch football and don't understand try to read plays based on line movement and watching the QB. They watch the ball. The reverse will work because they'll see the ball given to the RB and follow. And end around or counter won't because they will see that the QB still has the ball and won't bite on the fakes. (By end around, I mean the classic variety with a fake to a RB. If you want to run the Denard offense where the QB just keeps the ball all the time and the other 10 block, sweeping left with the reverse hand off I guess would technically be an end around, and it would probably work.)


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thanks guys. I agree with all you are saying. simple pass plays will be key because they wont be very talented at throwing or catching. . anything to confuse the other team will be huge because I am sure they are going to be taught the very basics and wont know what to do on broken up plays or trick plays..so your saying scratch my defensive plan and go with man coverage?


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For defense I would stuff the run completely (8... 9 in the box, go for the sack and get pressure on before they can even think) and just drop two girls back for coverage... provided they can't throw/catch (which is fairly typical). Even if the QB can throw the ball fairly well, you're still looking at the possibility for a lot of dropped passes. If the other team can actually complete passes man's usually the best.

Brewers Yost

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You should run the single wing on offense. You will probably only need the plays listed here: http://fastandfuriousfootball.com/highschooloffense/SW%20Playbook-2002…

Put your fastest girl at TB and have her run a lot of sweeps and sweep passes. If you get those 2 plays down you will be golden. Inexperienced players have a tough time dealing with run pass option. Furthermore, other than the snap you don't need another exchange to get the ball in your best players hands.


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I posted this in the diary, but it's since been moved. And I absolutely feel the need to restate my smart ass comment:

If you're still in high school, which I believe the powder puff coaches generally are, then you should opt to spread 'em out and pound it up the middle.

Sorry, I just couldn't resist.


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ball security is going to be key.

get one of your resourceful friends to fill up the gatorade jug with smirnoff ice. then have them do fumble fight drills while spraying them with a hose - to prepare for the elements.

if you try to teach them the single wing instead of my idea you should be beaten with the aforementioned hose.