OT. Porcello looking nice and easy tonight

Submitted by Blue boy johnson on August 14th, 2010 at 8:32 PM

Porcello has such a beautiful effortless motion when he is not overthrowing. Porcello throwing too many balls tonight but the Sox are hitting virtually everthing into the ground. 3 ground out DP's

Great double play started by Guillen at second with a behind the back feed to Santiago.

Poor Boesch looks over matched and clueless against Edwin Jackson, who by the way, is all pitching well



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To watch the team at this point. Usually with clubs that are down you can at least check out players who might contribute in the future, but there are just so many guys playing right now that are just filler. I guess in terms of storylines there's still:

- Porcello's progress

- Whether Boesch can get it back together

- Whether Avila can put some life in his bat

Anything I'm missing?


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It's a pleasure to watch guys like Cabrera and Verlander no matter the state of the team. Last year I even charted a few Verlander starts, which is the ultimate geek-out. In one of the games he busted out a totally random slider at a point late in the game, which I thought was awesome. My girlfriend did not find it that exciting.


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Porcello threw a very nice 7 innings, and all he's probably going to get out of it is a kick in the teeth and a loss.

Jackson did pitch well, but that 2nd inning at bat with the bases loaded from Santiago was a pitiful effort. 2 outs, bases juiced, Avila had just walked on 4 pitches, and Santiago thinks he needs to swing at the first pitch in the dirt. A foul ball and another swing and miss in the dirt and the inning is over. I have no idea what (or if) he was thinking there. When you have the opposing pitcher throwing 25+ pitches in an inning, you've got to get runs off of him, and Santiago basically threw his bat into the wood chipper.

Blue boy johnson

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Having trouble locating the name of the posters in threads, especially when they don't have an avatar (you should look for a really cool one like mine), but from the first sentence, I new this was a ckersh74 post.

Holy shit Avila just put the Tigers in front. My apologies to any Sox fans out there.


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For that Avila homer. In the way that some players motivate themselves by playing for the proverbial fan watching them for the first time, Avila motivates himself by trying to give guys on the Internet an excuse to "celebrate" by drinking their fourth Miller High Life of the evening.


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I think they're going to stay under .500 at least until Magglio gets back. There just isn't enough punch in this lineup without him to win on a semi-consistent basis.


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I'm still convinced that something's not right with Valverde physically. Over the last few outings he's had real troubles with his fastballs, and in his last outing he kept looking at his pitching hand. I'm still speculating that he has a blister of some sort.

I agree that Porcello was tremendous tonight. Too many outings like that across the staff have been wasted this year because most of our lineup isn't really sure which end of the bat to hold at the plate, let alone what to do with said bat.


August 16th, 2010 at 5:14 PM ^

I was at the game saturday at us cellular field

Porcello looked good got bailed out on some double plays


that one dp with the behind the back toss was amazing

Juan pierre owns Porcello for some reason


i thought Leyland should of took Porcello out with 2 outs in the bottom of the 7th.

instead he did not and cost us a run

Glad to see Avila get the home run, and shut up all the white sox fans sitting in my area who were talking shit to me the whole night for wearing my retro trammell jersey

it felt great to tell them " PUT IT ON THE BOARD " when Avila hit that 2 run bomb !

Nice stadium, but then again, its the white sox

also, this team seems to have a serious issue with hitting breaking pitches