OT: Poor damn Penn State?

Submitted by MGoManBall on January 15th, 2014 at 1:52 PM

The #51 prospect in the country via ESPN has flipped from PSU to Florida.

DT Thomas Holley felt that he was more comfortable with the Florida coaching staff than the PSU coaching staff with BoB gone to the Texans. This is actually the 3rd prospect that Florida has flipped in the past week. 

Somewhat of a relief because Holley could have flipped to Ohio after the Larry Johnson hire but Holley said Ohio was never really an option.

What in the world is Florida doing to recruit these kids after such a poor season?




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especailly after he referred to the buckeyes as "ohio" more in a dig on Meyer.  This does seem like an interesting situation with 3 recruits all flipping in the same week.  Something I'll keep an eye on in the near future...


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Between the complete lack of repentance for the sins of JoePa, the ineffectiveness of the sanctions, the God damn 4 OT game with the incomprehensible offensive plan, and Matt Millen, I'm OK with State College, PA shriveling up and dying. At least we beat them in basketball, something the football team has not accomplished since the Carr era. apsogfinmspoigjsapgoijsagpoiasjgpoiasd'.


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It looks as if Rivals has already accounted for Thomas Holley's departure from the Nittany Lions' fold, as it were, but if the conference rankings are corrected, they still have the second-best class in the Big Ten per Rivals too. 

According to this, Larry Johnson was definitely doing some work - LINK - as you'll note on the list of primary recruiters for their class. In this listing, three of Johnson's recruits have already signed letters of intent. 


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Florida is only one year removed from an 11-win Sugar Bowl season.

As for PSU, I won't shed tears for a school that harbored a sexual predator for years and which really hasn't been that hard hit from the resulting sanctions, posting winning seasons in both 2012 and 2013.  And still they complain about the sanctions being too harsh.  They're fortunate they didn't get the death penalty.




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Fuck Penn State and fuck their deliusional and apologetic fan base.  Fuck those assholes who cared and still care more about their precious legacy than the abomination that was allowed.....no....condoned under the careful watch of Paterno.  Fuck them and I hope that nasty, ugly erector-set shithole of a stadium set in the middle of fucking nowhere Pennsylvania gets all of 127 people in attendance to watch them get beat 72-0 every game.

"Poor damn Penn State"?  You have got to be kidding me.


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I hate how everyone tries to hide that they're just pissed PSU football is screwed up by hiding behind the current players.

"This isn't fair! You're ruining Penn State football and why should I....I mean, the players have to suffer for it! Damned kids getting in the way of JoePa's legacy!"