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Just read http://espn.go.com/espn/story/_/page/LSU-Bama-Fans/last-time-met (this was about the Alabama fan that violated a passed out LSU fan after the National Championship game last year) and have to say that while the act was sophmoric, this doesn't seem out of the realm of many younger fans.  I know most of us on here are die hard fans and just thought this story showed how much a "bad decision" could alter a family's life.

Given its Friday and I am getting depressed over the fact that Denard's last home game is tomorrow, I was hoping to incite some comments on stupid sports related things people on the board have done or have had done onto them.  I have never ventured south to Ohio for a game based off of some prior stories I have read on here and am interested on hearing from others.

Go Blue!



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 - nothing worse than feet that aren't sensible - I mean really, we all expect so much more from our feet than bad sense or judgement

- wouldn't it have made more sense to take your buddy to the nurse rather than the nursery?  And what nursery gives out painkillers?!?

Brewers Yost

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In 8th grade football practice we were doing some special teams drill, kickoff or punt return (don't remember). Anyhow, I had already picked up my block so my guy was out of the play. Looking for someone else to hit I noticed someone who was running free and they did not see me at all. For whatever reason the idea of blindsiding this kid, my teammate, just gave me what can best be described as a shot of adrenaline. Well it was a clean hit as far as rules go (at the time, maybe some defenseless player rule now) but I ended up breaking this kids femur. Not sure how the injury happened, as it was a shoulder/head level hit.

Right away he was screaming and I immediately felt terrible. Some guys tried to give me high fives and helmet slaps or whatever but I was just in a daze. I really had to reflect as to what made me take advantage of that situation. I know you can never half ass it on the football field during live play but I feel I went above full go on that particular play, again I don't know why. Regardless, it still bothers me 20 years later.


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In college at cmu, I was on an im flag football team. And we were down 35-0 so I decided to lay out this kid who was talking trash. I don't regret the penalty or the decision


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Commudus tried to tell Maximus to kill Tigris of Gaul in the Colliseum. Rather than listen to Commudus Maximus defied him. Commudus's authority was then undermined by Maximus's defiance. 

Dumb moves at sporting events have been going on as long as sport has existed. With that said, nothing trumps Euro soccer fans. I'm so happy I am not one of them. 


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I was part of the usual large crowd trudging north on State Street, and an impatient driver turned into the crowd of us that was crossing Packard despite the fact that the light had changed.  He was using his car as a slow battering ram, driving it into the crowd an inch at a time and laying on the horn.  Many of us were yelling at him, but I went and whacked his car on the trunk as I was passing behind him.  Turns out he was a cop, driving home.  Whoops.


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game and instead of wearing buckeye gear for a week he changed it so I wore my Michigan gear all week long. It was and still is the one and only week in my life where I wished I was wearing OSU threads because the humiliation, names and taunting I received that week have been the most humiliating that I ever endured. then Oregon happened....the horror. the fucking horror of 2007

oriental andrew

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Anyone else on state street after The Game in 1997? If so, anyone else remember that kid who climbed the tree in front of duderstadt's house and then fell down about 20 feet to the ground? That hushed up a crowd of over 1000 students in a real hurry.

Also, Texas fan says that what happened to LSU kid was nothing, and probably would have preferred it to being nearly castrated by a sooner fan.

Louie C

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I remember that. What sucks is that because of the night before, there is not really much I remember from the Rose Bowl that year; just a blurry collage of images. In fact, if it wasn't for a good friend of mine (RIP)periodically waking me up and giving me food and water, I probably would not have made it through the night. New Year's Eve + own digs at the age of 17= 3 day hangover.

Anyway, back on topic, I remember seeing footage of that dude falling out of the tree on the news that evening, and it also made one of those World's Dumbest/Shocking something or other shows they used to show on Fox back in the day.


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I talked a few guys (7 of us) into buying full tigers uniforms and going to a bunch of games.  When it came time to throw them on at my buddy's place accross from the stadium for the first time guys started really chugging the booze to get comfortable.  And I mean really chugging. This theme held on to be true for every game, but especially for the first one. Shef #1 was the most nervous (see further down for clarification)
As soon as we hit the streets it was high five city, haha.  Didnt expect to have to sign so many autographs, but the worst was when a little girl who had cancer wouldnt stop hugging us (her parents were oddly OK with it and told us to play along).  Beers and nachos in hand mind you!  We did this for a couple seasons and the stories we got were RIDICULOUS, including grown adult women showing us "private things" because they actually thought we were real Tigers.  One of the women turned out to get '3rd place' in the WRIF Rock girl contest one year haha - we only know cuz she was texting her whole phonebook to vote for her - including the random Tiger's she met at a bar after a game one night, haha
Probably the best story though was when Shef #1 (we had 2 sheffields on our "team" because two of the guys were from Wisconsin) passed out in his seat in the pavilion.  It took a couple guys to carry him out and the whole "team" was behind him so it caused quite a scene. Needless to say everyone saw us enter and were giving us high fives and taking pics with us.  Upon exit the entire left field was chanting "SHEFF-FIELD" as we had him lifted up in the air on our shoulders - completely passed out.  I have videos and pics to prove it for those that think Im embellishing, haha
Heres an article from mlive where they interviewed us

I don't yet think it's a "poor" choice, but next job search I have I'll probably be convinced when my employer googles my name, haha....




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We were up by a fair margin on Indiana in Crisler. Their giant post player is shooting free throws(Killingsworth?) and you could hear a pin drop. Before I knew it, the words "You got your coach fired" come barreling out of my mouth. Not tea bag dumb, but pretty stupid none the less. Indiana put somebody else in to shoot the free throws(I'd never seen that before). A minute later Killingsworth comes back in and just goes HAM. Michigan loses, goes on to lose to Minny in the BTT and misses the tourney by the skin of their teeth. A year later Tommy was fired for the tourney drought.

You heard it here first- It's my fault Amaker got canned...if only from my douchebag karma...


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In high school some friends and I were thrown out of the school's basketball game for being drunk and acting like idiots.  I, with one of the friends, decided to go back in.  This time, we weren't just thrown out, the sherrif's deputy said we were going to be arrested.  I did make one good decision that night, though.  Standing outside next to the cruiser,my friend said to me, "it looks like a good night for a stroll."  I knew exactly what he meant, but I looked at him, 6 foot tall, drunk, out of shape and overweight, and then looked at the probably 5' 6" buff deputy, and just knew that deputy would have looked forward to running down, tackling, and cuffing my friend (in my druken state, of course, I just knew I wouldn't be caught).  I shook my head "no" to the friend, and a few minutes later we were let go with a warning.