OT- Please help me get this kid noticed

Submitted by Steve in PA on July 16th, 2011 at 2:57 PM

There is a kid in my area that I think is a very real D1 baseball propect.  Unfortunately, we're in the middle of nowhere so no scouts come here.  He's attended one showcase camp and has interest from some smaller schools and has heard that a few others such as Boston College want to see him at another showcase towards fall.

In the meantime, I'm trying to help get the word out about him any way I can.  Right now he's up for an Athlete of the Week award at the local paper.  He's won it once or twice already for baseball and football, but everytime he wins it looks good on his "resume".

Please go here and vote for Steven Bender.  



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Have him go to ShowcaseU.com. Chad Durbin and Jake Chapman own it, they're both good guys. They help baseball prospects get noticed. 


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Perfect game showcases are the reason I got noticed coming from Canada

They are littered with scouts for both colleges and pro

If you can make it to a showcase in Florida or Georgia, he'll have every opportunity

Let me know if you need more information especially specific to Michigan Baseball


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Shouldn't the coach be the one promoting his athlete? Sending out tapes and such trying to get him noticed. But i wish the kid luck, hopefully he makes it.

Steve in PA

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The coaches at this school have no experience with that sort of thing.  This year was the first year they've made the playoffs in 12 or 14 years...mostly due to Bender's play.  The football coach did more for him, and had several schools interested.  I know Lehigh was one of them, not sure about the other two.

But, he's given up on football to concentrate on baseball.  

The family is a very large old-school family with lots of kids all with the same parents.  Throwing cash around to every shady or not shady person that says they can get him noticed isn't an option.

I'm going to get with his mother and do a promotional video.  The Legion season just ended and I'm really busy so it will probably be closer to fall.