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Submitted by JeepinBen on June 4th, 2010 at 7:14 PM

OK, so my interest was sparked with the thread on Drogba's broken/dislocated elbow/arm. And it was mentioned that a couple people have played soccer with broken arms. I'm under the impression that you could definitely play soccer with a broken arm, in a cast, probably just couldnt do throw ins. 

I've seen NFL linemen play with casts, and in some cases even backs. 

Recently Duncan Keith got 7 teeth knocked out, missed 10 minutes of actual time, and played the rest of the hockey game. And that's about the 300th most-crazy played-with hockey injury I've ever heard of. 

Do you think that soccer players can play with broken arms? What's the craziest sports injuries you've ever heard of/seen that people played with?

2 more hockey stories - Don't remember the player, but there was a guy back in the 50s-60s playing in the stanley cup game 7, who blocked a shot with his ankle, shattered his ankle. He went into the locker room, got his ankle taped (didnt take off his skate cuz he couldnt have gotten it back on) and ended up scoring the game winning goal. Baller.

Terry Sawchuck, he's got plenty of stories, but my favorite is one time Bobby Hull took a slap shot (with the new curved sticks, which were not regulated, and shots could hit about 100mph+) that hit Sawchuck in the shoulder. The shot knocked him unconscious... through his SHOULDER (shoulder pads back then were pretty much felt). They revived Sawchuck, and asked him if he was ok. His response? "I stopped the F#$%KING shot didnt i?" He finished the game. Ridiculous.

Who's got good stories? Can soccer players play with broken arms? Discuss.



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that's how they roll and one of the reasons that the sport is low on my list of favorites.

How tough Hockey and Football players are (sans Cindy Crosby) is why I revere those sports so much.

Expatriate Duck

June 5th, 2010 at 7:14 AM ^

I've wondered about this many times also. I live in the UK and thus I have football fed to me through an IV drip, whether I want it or not. I believe it was last year that a Man U player (possibly Ryan Giggs) broke his arm and ended up missing half the season. I asked my girlfriend's brother why a player would miss time with a broken arm when the use of hands is forbidden, he didn't really have an answer for me other than "I hope Giggs' injury improves Liverpool's chances for the Premiership title". So Drogba's injury raises this issue for me again.


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Hockey and football players are tougher than soccer players.  No comparison.

However, in defense of people in casts, I'll bet running full speed and quickly changing directions in a cast is tough because you can't move your arms freely and you're lopsided.  Also, it's tough to pull your shirt off when you score.