July 31st, 2011 at 10:04 AM ^

I thought any team that took a chance with Plax would get a determined, hard-working player. I think spending two years in jail could help anyone realize how precious the little time you have here is, and he could choose to spend it more wisely. That, and he wants to make a lot of money, which will only happen if he proves himself this year. 

Additionally, the Jets seem like they're going to be unstoppable this year, after signing Asomougha plus their other free agents. 


July 31st, 2011 at 11:31 AM ^

This could end up working well for the Jets, but overall, if I were a Jets fan, I'd be disappointed with this offseason. You did the most important thing in resigning Holmes, but you lost Edwards, a very good 2nd reciever, and Smith, an all-around underrated player. Teams are going to double cover Holmes all day now. And sure this Plax moves helps, but teams will still double cover him until a 33 year old receiver, 3 years removed from football, who has to learn a new playbook in a month essentially, proves he can beat whichever team he's plaing, and I'm not sure he can. Plus, if they don't resign Cromartie, there's going to be a dropoff in the secondary as well. I expect the Jets to regress this year.


July 31st, 2011 at 1:27 PM ^

I don't think anyone is too torn up about not resigning Braylon. His head isn't on straight and he dropped too many balls. He's probably asking for a lot of money as well. Money that the Jets don't really have if they're going to fill other holes on the team.

But I think there's going to be a dropoff this season as well. They still didn't add a pass rusher and I think Dirty Sanchez' luck finally runs out. Can't stand the fawning over him, unwarrented IMO


July 31st, 2011 at 4:05 PM ^

As a Jets fan, I'm really confused and disappointed by the recent moves. Braylon had a solid season last year and I think he makes Holmes and Sanchez better, plus he's a great run blocker. I would rather have him as a #1 than Holmes (though many disagree). He talked about how much he loved the team and being willing to take a hometown discount, and it's a shame that it seems the Jets never gave him the opportunity. He's said and done so many boneheaded things, but I want to believe that maybe after this recent DUI he would start to mature and also become the pro bowl receiver he's capable of being. No other teams seem interested and he's clearly the best FA WR around. There must be some sort of serious baggage that's keeping everyone away from him.

On a sidenote, I'm never buying another jersey again. My history with jerseys:

Al Toon, Jets: purchased 1 year before he retired from too many concussions

John Starks, Knicks: purchased 1 year before he left the team and disappeared.

Brett Lindros, Islanders: bought a custom made jersey thinking he'd be the next Eric. Too many concussions his rookie year and had to retire.

Kyle Brady, Jets: 1 year before being traded

Jarret Irons (I assume): All American, then went undrafted and cut by AZ in training camp

Braylon, Jets :purchased last year.