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Submitted by DaBigDaddy on November 22nd, 2011 at 11:12 AM
I am currently planning a trip to New Orleans and need your help. I know I should not look ahead of the OHIO game right now, but I want to know all the fun and exciting attractions over there in advance so if we happen to go to the Suger bowl I do not have to rush to plan everything at once. for people who have been there or currently living there, please give me some suggestions. Really appreciated for your help, even if we don't make it to the Suger Bowl I'm sure I could use this as future reference. Edit* this post is not meant to be a discussion about where Michgan will end up, helpful comments would be appreciated!



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Whatever you plan,you may want to leave the 12pm - 3pm slot open on Jan. 2nd in case you need to watch the Capital One or Outback Bowl

Beat OHIO.


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Just sayin no matter what city you are going to be in, or who you are (assuming you are reading UM football posts on MGoBlog), scheduling your plans for the New Year  should provide the flexibility to include the distinct possiblity that one would want to leave January 2, 2012 from 12pm-3pm central time and January 3rd from 7:30pm-10:30pm central time and January 5th from 7:30pm-10:30pm cental time open for watching Michigan Football.  

Plans can be adjusted more specifically after December 3rd.

Have fun in New Orleans.

david from wyoming

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Even if we beat Ohio, the Sugar Bowl is very very very far from a sure destination. We wouldn't know a bowl destination until after the conference championship games.

<insert cart in front of horse picture here>


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If LSU beats Arkansas and Alabama beats Auburn we're basically going to know where we'll be. If Arkansas wins, then it's a little less certain, but assuming a win this weekend we're pretty much a lock for the Sugar.

I actually don't think I've heard a scenario where we beat OSU and don't end up in the Sugar, come to think of it.


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These are touristy, but you must punch your ticket doing these when in New Orleans:

1.  Hurricanes at Pat O'Brien's

2.  Oysters at Acme

3.  Beignet's and coffee at Cafe DuMonde

4.  Hand Grenades at......name of bar escapes me.

5.  All the cajun food you can stomache, Paul Prudhomme has a couple of great restaurants there.

6.  The French quarter is actually pretty fun during the day.  Hang out at Jackson Square, walk around the river, take a tour, etc.

7.  World War II museum is awesome and not that far from the Quarter either.

Have Fun!!!!!


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I'll add:

Take the street car Uptown to the Garden District and Tulane University - great architecture in that area and some really good food:

  • go to the Camilla Grill - classic New Orelans "diner" with great omelettes and burgers
  • grab a meal at Jacque Imo - unbelievable, low-key restaurant with great cajun food
  • get a few beers and oysters at Cooter Browns

Hear some music at Tipitina's on Magazine St

Grab some late night beers and cheese fries at Fat Harry's

New Orleans is a great city for food and music - have fun...



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For the hand grenades, the only bar that serves them is The Tropical Isle.  There are about 3 of them along Borboun Street, so they are pretty easy to find.

Some of the best food in New Orleans can be found at 'The Court of Two Sisters' and 'Coops'.  Two places that are worth every cent spent there.

Of course the French Quarter is what it is, and be sure to try and take a graveyard tour and have your fortune read for good measure.

Last but not least is Harrah's Casino.  Can't beat the free drinks and air conditioning (I know it will be January when you are down there, but in the sping/summer, it gets pretty bad down there).

Was thinking about making the trip myself as I live only 6 hours from the Big Easy.  I've heard that New Years Eve is pretty wild down there and rivals Marti Gras.  For a nice hotel close to all the action, check out The Lamonthe House.  We stayed there and loved it.  Hope this helps!


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I'd recommend staying at any of the downtown hotels. They're a tad pricey right now ($249-$300/night and most are requiring a minimum 4 night stay) but they're walking distance from Bourbon St and the Superdome (as well as a nice Harrah's casino if you're into gambling). I've booked rooms for new years-the day after the game and can still cancel if we go to the Fiesta Bowl instead.


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Been there many times...do the whole Bourbon Street thing, eat beignets at Cafe Du Monde, drink a Hurricane at Pat O'Briens...and avoid any side street that does not have tourists on it...also take the St. Charles streetcar for a view of the old houses (if they are still there-have not been since Katrina)

Eat oysters and crawfish as well


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Actually that was the one that I had just reserved. For some reason, this time they require cancellation as late as 14 days before check-in. They do require a deposit of 20% per room, but that is also refundable. If I jinx it, yall can send me to Bolivia, I'll deserve it.

Chunks the Hobo

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Great place to panhandle and pass out drunk! Lots of cash for this hobo from dumbass tourists, so I could try the good stuff. Cooter Brown's uptown is like the Ashley's of New Orleans. dba on Frenchmen has good beer, too. Crescent City Brewery on Decatur is a decent brewpub. Slowly but surely I think the town's discovering good beer... as far as food, it's hard to get a bad meal anywhere in New Orleans. Try Coop's, also on Decatur. They might have a bad attitude toward football fans, but the food's awesome.


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I'm a huge fan of NO.  There are a few things you definitely want to do, and at the top of the list is go see Kermit Ruffins if you can.  The guy is an awesome jazz musician, and chances are he'll be cooking bbq out back after the show which you can partake in.  A few other must do's while you're down there include: getting fried chicken at Willie Mae's, a Po boy at Mother's, drinks at Lafitte's, coffee at Du Monde, and music at The Spotted Cat.  I'd say that pretty much gives you a proper taste of the city... oh.. and stay away from Bourbon st... its over crowded and overrated. 


November 22nd, 2011 at 3:38 PM ^

Avoid Mother's.  The food is substandard.  The first and only time I was there I complained about the food and they threw me out.  Outstanding Po' Boys are better experienced in numerous neighborhood joints.  Try Susan Spicer's Bayona and Jo Ann Clevenger's Upperline for outstanding dining experiences.  Music and Sunday's Cajun Fais Do Do at Tipitinas is not to be missed.  


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Watch out for the Hurricanes, the drink not the weather, me and my buddy drank too many one night and couldn't get out of bed the next day.  I wouldn't get more than one, two is pushing it but you should be good.  I got them at Pat O'Briens, there is a deposit on the cups there so make sure if you don't want them to get it back. Oh and there is no open intox law so hit up a drive thru daiquiri hut to start your day, I believe they open at 11, and enjoy walking around with it.


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Having lived there..
<br>I'd head to Yo Mamas for a burger.
<br>It's all I've thought about since I moved back to Michigan.
<br>Best bar in the Quarter is Harrys Corner. Stay off bourbon..

Nick W

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Long time lurker but first time poster.  Felt compelled to reply as I live oustide Baton Rouge and work near New Orleans.

IF we happen to get a bid to the Sugar Bowl, you can bet I will be going.  Not knowing your specific interests, here is my condensed list of things to do:

Visit the Quarter (including Bourbon Street.)  Bourbon is wall to wall bars and a sight to experience though you may be in a very crowded and drunken atmosphere.  There are plenty of good reaturants throughout the qurter though I would generally avoid any directly on Bourbon.  Try a beignet at Cafe Du Monde closer to the river.  Check out the jazz club inside the Roayl Sonesta Hotel (on Bourbon) which has very good talent.  Try an absinthe at the Absinthe House bar near St. Louis Cathedral.

Outside the quarter, try the jazz clubs on Frenchman Street.  The more famous ones include The Spotted Cat and Snug Harbor.  Top notch talent any night of the week.

Check out the WWII Museum which has an immense collection of memorabila form both the European and Pacific Theaters.  They also have a D-Day Theater experience produced by Tom Hnaks which is supposed to be outstanding.  Very good restaurant located in the museum called The American Sector.

If travelling with family, the Audubon Zoo (uptown) and Audubon Aquarium ( near the Quarter) are both very good.

Aso, there is a Harrah's Casino not far from the Quarter if your interests lie there.

If you have any specific questions or interests, let me know and I can try to point you in the right direction.


November 22nd, 2011 at 1:34 PM ^

resident from Louisiana. First off do not go to Acme Oyster house, completely over rated. Go to Dragos for some oysters. Don't waste your time at prudhommes or folse's restaurant, over priced & over rated.  Also only go to Bourbon street if you've never been. Otherwise don't bother. If you want jazz, just go all the way down Bourbon and hit Frenchmen street. For a reasonably priced meal, go to Lucy's or Yo Mamma for a great burger and drinks. Aquarium and zoo is nice, but depending on how long you stay, I'd visit the Aquarium and IMAX theater, if thats your thing. WWII museum is a must. See if there is anyone playing at the House of Blues.


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I recall a few years before the hurricane my dad and I were in town for a saints game and right near the stadium no more than 3 blocks away was a place for stuffed burgers. I can't for the life of me recall the name of the place and I'm not even sure if it exists since the hurricane. Do you have any insight on the name or status of this place?

His Dudeness

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New Orleans for work three months ago:

Tender: (sets down 3 beers)

Me: No, no I said "one" beer.

Tender: Yep, we know.

Me: This is going to be a rough week.


Have a blast and if she is way too hot to be talking to you then she isn't talking to you for free.