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Submitted by Erik_in_Dayton on October 22nd, 2009 at 2:38 PM

I will be attending the game this weekend against this "football team" from Penn St. over which the cows and people of Happy Valley are all agog. Unfortunately, though a Michigan fan through and through (and through again), I did not attend Michigan and instead went to lesser institutions*. I am accordingly not very familiar w/ the parts of Ann Arbor that do not include Pioneer High School's parking lot and the Big House. Can someone recommend a place to meet some friends after the game? I would like to find someplace unique to Ann Arbor. Unfortunately, Asian food is off the menu.


*Not Ohio State.



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on Williams. Be prepared for a wait, depending on when you get there, but it definitely fits your criteria as unique to Ann Arbor (Cottage Inn is now franchised, but Williams is the original location) and not Asian food.

Enjoy the trip.


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If you are looking for pizza, I prefer Pizza House (Church & S. University). Although both Pizza House and the original Cottage Inn serve alcohol so you can't go wrong there. I would also recommend Ashley's or Red Hawk on State Street, both have pretty good food and Ashley's has approximately over 9000 beers on tap.


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I agree on Pizza House. Myself, and others I know, like it significantly more than Cottage Inn (it's good but nothing to write home about). The BBQ Chicken Pizza at Pizza House with the special crust is one of the best pizzas I have ever had.


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Agreed, Pizza House is the best, and hits the spot especially if you're looking for deep dish. Cottage Inn is far inferior. They're basically delivery pizza that happen to have one restaurant for dining.

If you're looking for a slice you can go to NYPD (I heard the South U one closed), and if you're looking for something cheap, Backroom or In and Out (the latter I believe was $1 or $1.50 a slice when I was there).


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Pizza House is another of my favorites. They have a TON of stuff on their menu if you don't want pizza and their drinks aren't the 1 shot and mixer you will get in a lot of other places. I am not saying they have the best bar, but it certainly is not the worst.

mr. arbor

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Pizza House pizza is nothing to die, or wait on line, for. For cheap eats id say try Ashley's (has millions of beers) right on State, or the Brown Jug or Good Time Charlies for cheap burgers and beer.

Middle of the road price range would be Red Hawks on State or a Zingerman's sandwich joint(422 Detroit Street) may be long ass line.

More expensive places would be Zingermans Road House, Gandy Dancer, the Earl, Palio, Gratzi, Bella Caio.

Or, you can do what i do, skip dinner and keep drinking.


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I like Pizza House but to me the pizza is over priced there. I remember a couple years ago ordering a pepperoni pizza from Pizza House and got it delivered and it cost $20.14. I called and said there must have been some mistake and the manager said no and tried to talk up why the pizza is worth it. But everyone has their own opinion.


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As a michigan grad there is one place i always go to when i go back to AA. Either Zingerman's Deli which is right by Main Street OR Zingerman's Roadhouse, which is a 5 min drive. Look them up... theu are some of the best places to eat... not in Michigan... but anywhere. Also, I used to live right in front of Cottage Inn, not the pizzeria, but the restaurant on William Street, and there Clam Chowder is the best i've ever tasted... better than a few i had in boston, and they're menu as a a whole is really solid. Those three places are always clutch.


October 22nd, 2009 at 10:30 PM ^

I have to agree wholeheartedly with that. The Deli will be busy, (with a line out the door) but the Roadhouse will be insane (due to its proximity to the stadium). On the other hand, it is one of the jewels of the Midwest.

Let's see ... You're from Dayton, so I'll relate a few places I know there to Ann Arbor establishments.

1. The aforementioned Zingerman's Deli. Nothing like it in Dayton, really. However, if you're the sort of person who likes the Dorothy Lane Market for its unique foods, great products and superb bakery, you'd probably like Zingerman's.

2. Lots of bars on Main Street (downtown) and South University (just off campus) will remind you of great places in the Oregon District. Conor O'Neill's, an Irish pub on Main Street in Ann Arbor, is almost as good as The Dublin Pub at the corner of Keowee and Fifth.

3. If you're looking for a place with a lot of different beers, there are a few choices, (no surprise). Grizzly Peak Brewing Co. on W. Washington St downtown is a really good microbrewery and restaurant. But, for my money, Ashley's (at S. State St and E. William) is the best "multi-tap" establishment. Reasonably priced, unbelievable selection of beers, and a great atmosphere.

*EDIT* If you've ever been to Fox and Hounds in Beavercreek, or the British Pub at the Greene, Ashley's will be somewhat familiar for its multiple beer selections.



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Cottage Inn Pizza on Williams St. is a great place for some post game pizza and adult beverages. I used to always go there after games with my Aunt & Uncle until they moved to Florida. It has alot more than just pizza.

Sorry about double post - typed and posted at same time


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Grizzly Peak Brewing Company on Washington is pretty good, but Ashley's on State Street is one of the better places to go to especially if you rarely get out there. It's Ann Arbor's "premier multi tap." There are over 100 selections of beer on draft, and even more by the bottle...good burgers, plus it's right on central campus across from Angel Hall.


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Agreed on unexceptional food at Ashley's, with the exception of the curry fries. Those are fantastic. They shouldn't work on paper, but somehow, they just work.

Of course, the beer and whiskey menu is fantastic, like you said.

God, I miss Ann Arbor.


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Grizzly and ABC are great choices for beer and food.

Also, although its fairly new, I would recommend Jolly Pumpkin (Main St). The beer selection is great, although a little different style than a normal microbrew. The food is pretty good as well.

It'll probably be pretty busy - but check upstairs, its seat yourself up there and you might get lucky.

Undefeated dre…

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I had my rehearsal dinner at Cottage Inn on William St. But I heard it had gone downhill in the past few years? (the restaurant itself, not the chain of pizza delivery stores).

Pizza House on Church, just SE of campus, is huge and decent.

Downtown features the most restaurants. Each one has some level of pretension. Grizzly Peak has good food + good beer. Arbor Brewing is the other downtown brewpub. A bit more downscale but some claim their beer > Grizzly Peak's. Blue Tractor is a new brewpub, a bit higher on the pretension scale.

Just down the street from the Gandy Dancer (north of downtown, a fair hike from the stadium) is Casey's Tavern, which is smaller but has great food for a tavern.

If you want a sports bar, there's the Arena on Washington, Scorekeeper's on Maynard (if you're under 30, this may be your first choice), and wait, Touchdown Cafe is closed, maybe the Brown Jug on South U.?

All are unique to Ann Arbor. In fact, if you stay downtown or around campus and don't go to the few chain restaurants there (Melting Pot, BD's Mongolian, BW3) you'll be someplace 'Ann Arbor' ish.


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I agree about Cottage Inn Pizza, which would be great if you want to go low brow and be social. Another restaurant that I enjoyed in the same vein is the Mongolian Barbeque. The Chop House is probably the best restaurant in town (I think it is on Main street). Enjoy the game and beat PSU.


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and will try to convince my friends to go there this weekend, as well. The friends always go for Pizza House - which is fine, but I never find anything food-wise that makes me excited - but I looooove the Count Twists at Charley's. Very bad for me but oh-so-tasty. And they have lots of fun shooters and drinks, if you are so inclined. And it's on campus...fun for people-watching if you're not an alum and good nostalgic value if you are.


October 22nd, 2009 at 4:24 PM ^

Charley's was a lot better before they chopped the restaurant in half a couple of years ago

I always thought Upstairs @ Charley's had a lot of potential, but it poorly promoted and no one went (maybe its bc they were stupid and charged cover). Now that its BTB is all 18 and 19 year olds IIRC.


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Connor O'Neill's is my favorite. If you are at all interested in breweries you could try Grizzly Peak, Arbor Brewing Co, Jolly Pumpkin, or the Blue Tractor. The Heidelberg has some local beers on tap as well.


October 22nd, 2009 at 3:03 PM ^

there are a variety of great places in Ann Arbor, depending on what you're looking for. My favorite place is either Grizzly Peak (as others have mentioned) or Casey's, a little bar/grill across the street from the Gandy Dancer.

Be warned, however: There will be a hundred thousand people in Ann Arbor looking for a place to eat after the game. Expect a very long wait to get into any place that's even halfway decent.


October 22nd, 2009 at 7:29 PM ^

Definitely agree on Casey's. That's one of the best hidden gems I've found in my time here, hardly anybody knows about it.

Also, if you're undecided by game day or your first pick is too busy, just walk up and down Main Street until you find something with a short line; you're pretty much guaranteed to get a good meal.


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Once made an offhand comment about Blimpie not being as good as the hype and I almost turned in my MGoImaginaryMembershipCard. It DEFINITELY lives up to the hype, especially if you like the Steak 'n' Shake style of smashing the burger on the grill so it's covered in a layer of crispmogrified fat/meat juice.

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This thread could go to 200, for sure. Simply, you'd need a week, eating 3 meals a day, to hit up all of the awesome food spots in Ann Arbor. Actually, you might need 2 weeks. Whoever posted the link to the list of food in Ann Arbor was probably spot on. There are so many good places to eat it's mind-boggling. I need to go back to Ann Arbor right now and have a food orgy.

EDIT: Wherever you try to go, you're probably going to have problems, as it's the Thursday before a home game now, so getting a reservation anywhere (if you're trying to go to a place that takes reservations) is impossible, I'd imagine.