OT: Pistons vs San Antonio open thread

Submitted by Dilithium Wings on March 3rd, 2013 at 8:46 PM

Ok, there may not be many people out there watching this game but I have to TiVo all my shows tonight and watch them later so what am I supposed to do? Pistons are getting rocked by 30 points to Spurs and the score isnt doing justice to just how bad this team is.

Pistons have been on a serious slide of late and now are resorting to young bench players to contribute. Calderon has been a great addition but no one else on this team has done much of anything all year. Knight looks more comfortable since moving to the 2 guard. Greg Monroe is a solid player who I think is under utilized. Lawrence Frank is a joke for a coach. I dont know what Joe D was think in bringing him in to move this team forward. Hes a below .500 career coach and his team is getting rocked by 15+ game in and game out of late.

Youre Tom Gores, what do you do? Fire Joe D and Lawrence Frank and start your vision of the Pistons or do you trust Joe and allow him to continue course? Pistons are the 2 worst team when it comes to attendance this year (only behind the Kings) Theres no star on this team that makes fans wanna come out to the Palace (a place that sold out every game during the great run in the 2000's).

Joe, if he stays around, must be active in the offseason. Charlie V and Stuckey must leave. I thought they both were going to be gone before the trade deadline but that never happened. Maxiell should be sent packing too. The starting guards look set along with the big men. Pistons desperately need a SF who can hang with the other big boys in the league.


I think by the time I was done with this topic the Spurs were close to pushing their lead to 40.



March 3rd, 2013 at 8:51 PM ^

We beat the Spurs at home. It hurts having Drummond out. I think you give Joe D more time and let Drummond develop and add one more good pick next year. ( Maybe a Gary Harris?) See if we can't make the playoffs next year without blowing up the team.


March 3rd, 2013 at 8:53 PM ^

Drummond's injury is a blessing in disguise because instead of being frustratingly close to competiting for the 8th spot and blowing our draft standing, Pistons have flat out sucked, thus ensuring they keep their lottery pick and at a better spot possibly.


March 3rd, 2013 at 8:58 PM ^

Lawrence Frank needs to go. Drummond could've been a serious rookie of the year contender if he were allowed to start, but Monroe is our starting Center even though he was progressing so well at PF last year. Maxiell continues to average slightly over 2 points a game yet eats up large chunks of minutes. The team shows flashes of great basketball but their almost bipolar inconsistency lays at the coaches feet. I know moving Tayshawn was going to be a huge hit to the locker room chemistry, but right now it feels like nobody's driving this thing.


March 3rd, 2013 at 9:23 PM ^

To warrant being the Pistons GM for the last 7-8 years. I dont blame Lawrence Frank, I blame Joe D for putting this roster full of C+ players together and hiring an embarrassing string of cheap, incompetent coaches.


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I love San Antonio. Seriously I want to retire there. I hope my wife wants to as well because I would like to spend retirement with her.

Also I'm sad The big ten is no longer affiliated with the Alamo Bowl. It would be great to have an excuse to travel there in December should Michigan have a down year.


March 3rd, 2013 at 11:03 PM ^

Andre Drummond is a star in the making and is at worst a Tyson Chandler type, but at his best which he obviously haven't reached his potential a Dwight Howard type with better offensive repitiores. Scary thing about Drummond is he has no idea on how to do the little things and makes difficult reads. Lawrence Frank did the right thing by making it simple for him by simply rolling hard to the basket. Bynum to Drummond combo has been deadly. He is only 19 yr old so better days are ahead for Drummond.

Greg Monroe is a building block. Already productive who can rebound. With Drummond and Monroe, Pistons should be winning the rebounding battle for the future. However, both don't compliment each other well because they need to have space down low which is why they need to have a stretch 4 in the mold of Ryan Anderson. They have Charlie V but has a big contract, but I don't want Joe D to amnesty him because next season, he has an expiring contract that is a tradeable asset. He is a good bridge between Drummond and Monroe as a stretch 4 for now.

Brandon Knight is in a weird place because he is not a true PG but is still young. He is a combo guard who is smart and a good athlete. He just haven't put it all together yet. My hope is Jose Calderon would provide a good stop gap starting experience if Joe D can resign him. The rumor that Jose wants to stay in Detroit for 7 mil a year which would really help the franchise and teach Knight the PG position.

Kyle Singler is a solid player but not a starting material. He would be better off coming off the bench and contribute. Fortunately, he has a very affordable contract and I think he can be a key contributor off the bench for the future.

The Pistons biggest need is a wing player who can slash to the basket and a PF who can shoot. The core is there for them to become a playoff team in the near future.