OT: Pistons Hire Phil Jackson to Advise on HC Search

Submitted by thisisme08 on May 3rd, 2013 at 10:42 PM

Well this is certainly good news, hopefully Phil is involved in the draft process too and this is the beginning of end for Joe D (love ya man for '03-'04).

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I didn't know we fired Frank.  Great news though!  I wonder if we ever get a chance at having him as GM and if he would do a good job.  I like Joe D for the good years he gave us but the Darko pick screwed longterm and his recent moves make me scratch my head.


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After going to Dumars and Gore and making demands after 2 horrible seasons on the job. I'm assuming he just wanted to go out on his own terms, since the going rate for a coach under Joe D nowadays is around 2 years. He probably would have been "Mike Browned" anyway at the beginning of next season.

This Phil Jackson hire undermines Dumars greatly and I couldnt be more happier with the decision. We are finally starting to draft a few really nice pieces and we cant afford to let Dumars hire another one of his homeboys like he did with Kuester and Curry.


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True, but who drafted those young pieces?
In fact, Dumars has drafted pretty well considering they've only picked in the top five once since the Darko pick. 
And yea, now we can say the Darko pick was a disastor, but at the time Joe D. was a young GM who was just doing what pretty much everyother NBA GM would've done in his shoes. He orchestrated a brilliant trade that cost us nothing in order to pick in that spot, in which he selected a  prospect who the majority of scouts labeled as a "can't miss." He was a project, but with the roster we had at the time we could afford to take a project.
Joe D's rebuilding job was set back by Karen Davison who told Dumars she wasn't going to pay for a high profile coach (Johnson) which resulted in the Kuester hire. Joe D. then wanted to hire Woodson, but was over ruled by Gores.
Depending on what he does with this cap space, I think Joe could still turn this around


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Dumars has done a decent job drafting considering his draft position in the last few years. However, the team is to the point where it cant afford another average coach and he's failed the team from that standpoint. Just because he wasnt allowed to hire a "Phil Jackson" type coach doesnt mean he had to hire Curry, Kuester and now Frank.

Hire Brian "B-knuckle" Shaw, draft Trey (if he's there) and lets get this franchise back to where it was in the early 2000s.

One last thing, I can see you are a Dumars advocate and I'm cool with that but lets not pretend his only bad move was drafting Darko. The Chauncey trade (im still heartbroken), the Iverson disaster and signing Gordon and Charlie V  and out-bidding himself for Tay and RIP are just a few of his blunders. 


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It is not his fault that the NBA changed the rules once again after they won the title. Changes like that can affect a team like the Pistons for years because you gather players to suit a certain style of play.


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He worked for some Ohio team. Come to think of it, we hired a guy named Mo that played for that same Ohio team. Those hires worked out pretty well!


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I have to think that now, if you're a prospective hire of the Pistons, this move sort of lets you know the quality of the hire that the Pistons would like to make. I think this move trims at least some of the potential BS out of the process, which is nice to think about as a Pistons fan. I also wonder if it means that our chances of getting someone off the Jackson coaching tree - Brian Shaw perhaps - just experienced an appreciable increase. 

In any case, it isn't the first time the Pistons actually have done this under Gores' ownership - I believe they used Dave Checketts (who was an executive with the Knicks at one point) as an advisor for some hires in the past. Not sure if they were coaching-related though. 


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Oh yeah, Jackson won't coach a team that doesn't have at least one of the NBA's all time greatest players on its roster, therefore cementing his legacy as this all-time great coach because he won some titles with Jordan and Shaq and Kobe.


Come on, Phil.  Pick up a clipboard and find out how many wins that Zen stuff will buy you with the Pistons!


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Ya totally. He should have just turned down the job after Doug Collins. Makes sense. Why did the Lakers and Mike D'Antoni struggle all year long? Coaching matters and say what you want about the luck Phil Jackson has had but he's coached the players with the biggest egos and made it work. You think it was easy dealing with Kobe and Shaq?


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If you have ever been in a room with two alpha males for a few hours, you know how awful that situation is. Now extrapolate that over half a decade and then you may begin to approach what Phil Jackson was having to control every day with Kobe & Shaq. There is a reason why the early 2000's Lakers are a case study for team management skills and group dynamics.

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some poor / risky coaching choices over the years, but why not one more?  Bill Laimbeer.  Since Dumars is already on his last leg in Detroit, no point in avoiding hiring your old teammate anymore.

It would be worth it just for the irony of Phil Jackson being part of hiring one of his old tormentors in Chicago.

Bad Boys Forever!


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Should've been an all-star last year! Dude seemed like he had 10+ points and 15+ rebounds every other game at least. I'm not too sure about this year, didn't pay attention much but I think for some reason he toned it down a little bit this year. Maybe due to the help of new players such as Singler and whoever else.


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Three coaching hires for the Pistons that I would be excited about:

1.  Jackson himself.  Yeah, he's a smug bastard who trashed the Bad Boys at every opportunity.  Still . . . he has 11 rings!  He'd instantly restore credibility to the franchise.  Very doubtful, but it'd be huge.  

2.  Zeljko Obradovic.  I really want this guy.  He's been a huge winner in Europe.   Some NBA team is going to hire him in the next five years.  It should be the Pistons.


3.  Bill Laimbeer.  At some point it's got to happen.  I don't know how good an NBA coach he might be, but I'd definitely be a lot more interested in following the team if he were coaching it.