OT: Pistons fire Mo Cheeks

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The Detroit Pistons have fired coach Mo Cheeks, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.
Well, at least he got more games than Rob Chudzinski. 



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hire a coach with a poor prior record and expect to see something different second time around. It does happen once in a while but the odds are against it.  And it happens far less often in basketball. In football, we have examples of Carroll and Belichick. The only one I can think of in NBA is Doc Rivers. 


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or use the cap space to facilitate trades with teams that were trying to dump salary.  There are other ways to use cap space than just signing whatever stiff free agents happen to be available that year.  Joe made that decision even worse by resigning Rip and Maxiell the same week as they traded Billups assuring that while they had some cap space it would not be enough to sign quality players without having to dump Afflalo and Amir for nothing.  Since 2008 Joe has been among th 5 worst GM's without a doubt and he would probably be the worst if it weren't for the Cavs and Kings.


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Dumars deserves a ton of credit for putting that '04 championship team together, and he gets way more grief over Darko than he deserves.  But ever since he traded Billups for Iverson, he's just been completely lost.  Loved him with the Bad Boys, always will respect him but, yeah, it's time for him to move on.


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Agree with everything you said cept the Darko part.  I remember all the hype and was really excited but after they showed a 30 second highlight film, I thought WTH!  The kid was a toothpick, gumpy and slow as dirt.  If his scouts told him Darko was amazing then all of them should have been fired immediately.


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I love Trey, and I'm sure he will improve, but he's shooting 37.3% from the field. That's pretty awful for an NBA PG, and would rank him last in the league in FG% among all qualified players if he qualified. He's also shooting 32% in his last 10 games.

Yeah, there's more to playing point guard than being a good shooter, but passing on Trey isn't the reason I would cite for firing Dumars.


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PG Trey Burke (rookie)

12.7 5.5 3.1 12.90

PG Brandon Jennings (4th year)

17.7 8.2 3.3 17.32


Is a fourth year guy who is marginally better than a rookie support for Dumars decision not to draft Burke?


Especially considering the guy they got instead of Burke in the first round is doing this:

SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

6.8 0.9 2.1 8.93



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Brandon Jennings is shooting 38.2% from the field in his 5th year in the league. I'm sure Trey will figure out how to improve his efficiency as he continues to adjust to the NBA game.


Trey's value comes from his intangibles--his leadership, clutchness, and ultra competitive spirit. Things the Pistons are clearly lacking right now.


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He also provides poor defense, which is something that the Pistons aren't lacking right now. I would have been fine with picking Trey, but I don't think PG play has been our biggest bugaboo this season. I think we'd be pretty much where we are if Trey was the PG. In signing Smith, trading for Jennings, drafting Drummond and KCP we appeared to want a team that could run up and down the court and be a phenomenal transition team. Trouble is, you have to get stops on defense to get into transition. We're not doing that and having a front line of Smith-Monroe-Drummond congests things. Cheeks solution was to play Smith as a traditional 3, which is a disaster in the halfcourt.

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....some very traditional Pistons values.  Trey would have been such a good fit for the Pistons.  I still can't believe they passed on him.  And as a young point guard with a young big man like Drummand to complement him, they could have been the foundationof the team for the next decade.  Ugh, I don't like even thinking about what might have been.

As for the coaching carousel, maybe Dumars should do the job himself and if he can't get it done then maybe it is time for him to go.


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Easy.  Dumars hired Larry Brown, has a championship as a GM and the Pistons went to quite a few Eastern Finals in a row.  Matt Millen did absolutely nothing to improve a franchise that was a traditional loser.  Dumars' time has been up, but a Millen comparison is awful.


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What an embarrassment this team has become. What good coach would ever want to step into this mess? Also, none of the good ones are available midseason.


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Problems between coach and players, something that could not wait until the end of the season. They lost against Charlotte in early January after having a 20 plus halftime lead. They had been on a roll until that game. That second half went really really bad really quick. I am curious about what happened in halftime and second half if that game.