OT - Pistons considering Isiah Thomas to replace Joe Dumars

Submitted by BlueCube on March 2nd, 2014 at 6:35 PM

The New York Daily News reports that the Pistons are considering replacing Joe Dumars with Isiah Thomas. Sounds like Gores is well on his way to creating another disaster.

I may not agree with some of Joe Dumars decisions recently, although we don't really know they are his decisions, but the man did a lot for the franchise and having him hanging since the firing of Cheeks and now the leaking of this is embarrassing.




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Never did I think Worst Detroit Sports Owner would be a competitive title while William Clay Ford, Sr. was alive.

Tom Gores is determined to prove me wrong.


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It's weird to think about how little I care about the team now. My interest in the NBA in general is also pretty low at this point, but I just can't stay interested in the Pistons anymore. I miss the old Billups team, and I actually miss the "teal era." Am I the only one that misses those teal jerseys?

Mr. Elbel

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I didn't mind the teal era. Then again, maybe I just liked Stack for those five years or so that he was actually good. Regardless, the sticker on my back windshield is the teal logo, but that's mostly because it was like 2 cents on Amazon. I'm from Flint, I aint got money to buy junk.


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I'd say this is just stupid rumor mongering. Gores however, is quickly in the running for worst owner in the NBA. 


Really shouldn't be surprised though. He has a passing interest in basketball at best, and is a bona fide scum bag.


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Gores wants Izzo.

It's not really much of a secret at this point. Lionel Hollins is probably the best or second best coach available (best fit for the Pistons coming from a similarly built Memphis squad) and has been campaigning for the job all off-season and since the Moe Cheeks firing, but they wont give it to him.

Gores is going to sit Izzo down, open up his checkbook and say ,"Whatever you want, it's yours."

As for the Isiah thing. It's fake. Totally untrue. Gores has already shot it down. It was probably Isiah's agent or someone drumming up interest in him, trying to angle for some sort of front office job somewhere. 

Either that or some over-zealos reporter trying to capture a headline due to the fact that Gores and Zeke had dinner together, but it was to talk about the upcoming Bad Boys reunion celebration they are planning.


March 3rd, 2014 at 10:26 AM ^

There have been a lot of sources buzzing about it in NBA circles. Also, the fact that the either the number 1 or 1-A of sought after head coaches this off-season, Lionel Hollins, has been outright campaigning to get the job and the Pistons haven't even bothered to contact him.

Throw in the fact that Gores is an MSU alum who has expressed interest in Izzo before, and people are connecting the dots


March 3rd, 2014 at 12:00 PM ^

That's definitely a good question, but I would assume Gores is more worried about the laughing stock the Pistons have been of late and how that affects his image more than the implications for State.

Izzo is someone he knows. Someone he likes. Someone he trusts, and someone he's certain will make a good coach based on his track record. Reportedly, Gores allowed Dumars to make the last two coaching hires sans his influence, and now Gores wants to take a far more active role in running the organization. He sees Izzo as his guy. You go with what you know, right?

Personally, I think Izzo would be a horrible professional coach. Like most people, I'm pushing for Hollins or Carl. As for who will presumably be the new GM, the Pistons would be stupid to not at least reach out to Phil Jackson or Donnie Walsh. In all likelihood, both of them will turn us down, in which case I would look to Spurs assistant GM, Scott Layden.


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So basically the Pistons have decided to stop punching themselves in the face so they'll have more time to set fire to their balls?

Got it - sounds like a GREAT plan.


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try to rationalize it however you want about years since he was with the Knicks or FIU's program, the guy is a disaster. Not only did he poison the Knicks organization, but he lost a sexual harassment suit and generally got all of NYC to hate him. Thomas is one of the reasons I no longer watch the NBA.


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I will say that citing to the Daily News is like citing to Bleacher Report.  They shine up turds about as well as anyone, and I don't trust virtually any of their "rumors" especially as it relates to former horrible head coaches and GMs who used to coach their crappy franchises.


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I walk away from the Pistons for just a second, only to return and find out Gores is supposedly trying to extend the problem. Granted, it is the NY Daily News, but just the thought....