OT: Peyton Manning to Broncos

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El Fuego

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I'm all like:

Best possible team for Peyton to go to for me.  Shame about Tebow though.  I wish he could stay and be mentored by Peyton for a couple years.  It would have done wonders for him...


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The website "Cold Hard Football Facts" is not a big fan of Peyton's game....they pointed out recently, how far he has dipped since his peak in 04, as well as how much different of a QB that he is in games played in outside stadiums.  Literally he is an avg QB in games played outside, over the course of his career statistically.


That said, it was a great choice for him to choose Denver... the league is better with Peyton in it, and the thin Mile High throwing air, is probably the best outside choice that he could make... other than a warm weather team.  Id predict servicable final few years, but not incredible.

Benoit Balls

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it's a little easier to hate the NFL when you are a Browns fan. They aided in the pilfering of our team and only gave the new ownership group 14 months to build their entire organization.

The rest of the NFL fans should thank us though, Cleveland Browns Stadium was one of the first NFL stadia funded in part by the owners slush fund earmarked for stadium financing. Since then, there have been 13 new stadia built in the NFL. The money the owners "put up" comes from this ownership fund at insanely low costs so that the owners can put on a show that they are helping the financing, when they are really only strongarming the public into financing the new stadium (using the Browns leaving Cleveland as tacit threat). The owners then get sweetheart deals in regards to parking and stadium revenues, which helps boost franchise values around the league. (im just stopping now because Im going off of memory and anecdotal evidence so rather than having to find the links to the couple books I've read, I'll hop down off this soap box)

The NFL owners saw the opportunity, and took it, much to their credit. But as a Browns fan, I'm not going to sit here and say "Oh gee, I just love the NFL. It's swell"



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I wrote the piece on Beilein that Brian linked to a couple weeks ago and I just put up a new post about Peyton Manning.  Please read it if you're interested


Sorry if it's not kosher to plug another blog on the board.  I didn't see it in the FAQ.