OT: Petrino Fired (per Joe Schad twitter and ESPN)

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Bobby Petrino is out at Arkansas




Bobby Petrino will not return as head football coach at Arkansas, multiples sources have told ESPN.com's Chris Low.

The university has called an 8:15 p.m. ET press conference at which time athletic director Jeff Long will announce Petrino will not be back.



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i read on the arkansas board that their 2012 recruits can be released from their LOI's. is this true and if so anyone we'd be interested in and try flipping?


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Petrino didn't exactly burn up the recruiting trail in 2012, which is one of the reasons I don't count him as one of the elite coaches in the country.  I think he's very good, but I can think of at least 15 coaches I would rather have than him. He did a decent job at Louisville against pretty weak in-conference opponents and was so-so against mostly not real good teams in bowls.  I can really blame him for the weak schedule this past year (outside of LSU and Alabama, of course).  But what are the two signature wins? Against Texas A&M.  Who didn't beat A&M last year? And Kansas State who did manage to eke out a lot of very close victories, but the convincing games were losses.


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Mr. Nutt,

We would like to inform you that the dude who replaced you was way better than you, but was sleazy in ways that even the SEC doesn't condone. We would like you to come back and return us to our rightful place as only scholarship sleeze.

Thank you,

Arkansas University


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already looked like complete pieces of dogshit with zero integrity.   The last thing they needed was Jeff Long's decision-making skills make them look even worse.

There wasn't another decision to make in this case. This was it. So I do find it strange to praise someone for exercising plain jane vanilla common sense.  I guess it's just an unfortunate product of the times we now all live in.  It's so fucking scarce, we're somehow all amazed to witness good judgement when it happens.




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Some interesting and outrageous rumors were floating around the Arkansas message boards leading up to Petrino's firing:



I especially like rumor # 17:

17. The accident happened because Dorrell's fiance forced Petrino off the road, then beat the crap of of Petrino, thus explaining Petrino (sic) extensive injuries while Dorrell is apparently ok.


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For those that might still be interested in this story, cell phone records have been checked and they say Petrino and Dorrell exchanged more than 4,300 text messages and nearly 300 phone calls over the past seven months, including game days. ..

Petrino and Dorrell spent 5 hours texting each other the day before Arkansas played Vanderbilt.

The day Arkansas beat Troy, the two exchanged 70 texts. They exchanged 26 texts the day Arkansas beat Mississippi State but just four following the Razorbacks' loss to LSU.