OT: Perry the ACLephant strikes Purdue again

Submitted by FabFiver5 on September 10th, 2012 at 6:23 PM
According to Danny Hope on his radio show, Robert Marve is out indefinitely with an injury to the ACL in his left knee.

According to my math, this is the 3rd ACL injury on the same knee.



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The ACL issues have been so bad that I'm convinced that Perry is the incarnation of the APACLHG - Angry Purdue ACL Hating God.  The ACL issues have gotten to the point that there has to be some sort of deity behind this, just one that is far more specific in his targeting than the general hate of RBs.


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Marve should have quit football after he won his FHSAA Championship game, and was Florida's Mr Football and a Parade All-American in 2006.  Marve is still a god of sorts around Tampa, because he gave Plant High their "breakthrough" championship.  They have won three more since then for a total of four, but Marve will always be remembered as the person who broke what had been a huge barrier for Tampa schools.  



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He was at Miami (YTM) in 2007-08 and has been at Purdue since then (because, in his words, he could not play for Randy Shannon). To be fair, one of the tears came during the summer in which he transferred, so he missed no time then as he would sit out regardless. Still, I feel bad for him because he obviously loves the game and wants to play - hopefully he recovers fully, regardless of whether he plays again or not. 


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Between Robert Marve and Robbie Hummel being so injury prone, if I was a student athlete at Purdue that just tore a knee ligament, I probably would cut my losses and self amputate.


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Hope said the initial MRI reading revealed “there was some damage to the ACL, a potential tear if you will, but still not 100 percent sure of the final evaluation of it."

Marve, a sixth-year senior, has suffered two ACL injuries to the same knee, most recently in 2010.

“Anytime you’ve had a couple of ACL surgeries, your MRI can be a little muddy to read anyway,” Hope said. “The extent of it we’re not exactly sure yet. Regardless of the extent of the injury, he would have a chance to come back and play this season. We have our fingers crossed it’s not as serious as it has been in the past and he can still come back and play this season.”

Hope said he saw Marve earlier Monday and “he was walking OK.”

Here's the link


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out for the season.  I play in a six-person Big Ten only college fantasy football team, and it's hilarious seeing everybody scrambling for a backup QB; the #1 pick on the waiver wire this week is the IU backup QB (Cameron Coffman).



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I did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night, is there any food/supplements that strengthen tendons/ligaments? I would be putting it in everything on the training table.


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Thought I read earlier in the offseason by one of the recruiting gurus that with this next class, Purdue would have 10 quarterbacks on their roster. At least they recognize their point of weakness and are stockpiling knees at that position.