OT: Penn State WR Juwan Johnson Enters Transfer Portal

Submitted by Ham on January 11th, 2019 at 4:17 PM

Per Bruce Feldman: https://twitter.com/BruceFeldmanCFB/status/1083821173597585408

He graduated last month, so he'll be able to play immediately.

Seems like he had a solid 2017 (he caught the touchdown pass as time expired to beat Iowa) before having a disappointing season this year

The 6-foot-4, 225-pound Johnson had a breakout redshirt sophomore season, hauling in 54 receptions for 701 yards. His 2018 season however was marred by drops and injuries, as Johnson only totaled 25 receptions for 352 yards in 10 games.

He apparently had some draft buzz heading into 2018. 

The Penn State redshirt junior wide receiver had his name in some preseason mock drafts as a potential NFL first-round pick. In an early 2019 NFL mock draft by the Sporting News published in May, Johnson was predicted to go seventh overall in the first round.

Given how stacked Michigan's receiving corps is, I doubt that there would be any room for him, especially if he wants to make a big impression for the league, but I still thought this was interesting.



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Juwan Johnson has A LOT of talent.  After a strong 2017, something was clearly off with him this year.  He looked disinterested, wasn't running sharp routes, and had a lot of drops.

He also had one of the catches of the year (a 1-handed snag) in the OSU @ PSU game.

Not sure what caused the disconnect between 2017 & 2018 - maybe he just needs a change of scenery.  One could argue it was the different WR coach, but I'm not sure a different WR coach explains all the drops (which weren't a thing in 2017).  It became a running joke this year among PSU fans that he was good for 2-3 drops a game.

I will be rooting for Johnson.  He still has potential.  NFL size and definite signs that he could be a Day 2 (if not even Day 1) NFL draft pick.  If he dedicates himself in fall 2019, some other school will be picking up an impact player. 


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This is interesting to know, I like posts like this - thanks OP. 


Is there an offensive tackle in the transfer portal?  I know at the non-QB positions you're not likely to get a high level starter, but a good left tackle (who's a grad transfer candidate) could be stuck behind a very good starter with more eligibility than he.  I'd still really like to see that.  Would it ruin morale for the current players and incoming recruits?  

Runyan is not a left tackle, as much as I love his attitude and work.  Maybe a right tackle.  Even better at right guard, I think he'd be an updgrade over Onwenu.  No I don't care that he was voted All-B1G.  He was a good run blocker but still very poor in pass pro. 


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I am waiting for the day that someone named Nathan enters the transfer portal so we can refer to him as Nathanathan. What a glorious day it will be.

Mike Damone

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I wonder what the last thing recruits think of when they enter the portal:

"Will I start at my new university?"

"Do they have steak at the training table"

"I hope the chicks in my new dorm are smoking hot!!!"

time travel portal.jpg



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its baseless, but I have a weird feeling we will be losing a wr to transfer (and I wont name names, but i'd be fine with it if he did, after a humiliating display I saw), and that he is coming to us....not a coincidence he tanked last season after losing his coach, and now that the coach is coming, here, that he is in the portal.