OT: The Penn State Exodus Officially Begins (Former PSU Safety Tim Buckley commits to NCSU)

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The first of what will likely be many PSU players is reported to have commited to another team. Safety Tim Buckley has transferred to NC State.  Other players, such as Bolden and Redd have been reported as on their way out, but there has been no confirmation yet.  The next week should be interesting for anyone following PSU football to see whether there is just a trickle of players leaving or a tsunami.




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Sounds like he enjoyed his visit to USC. Also, I read that Bolden's name is no longer on PSU's online roster. I imagine between 5-10 players will leave when it's all said and done.


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True, most probably won't be seniors.  I do think the number will be more than 10 and would not be surprised to see 2 or more per day transfer for the next week.  The PSU officials have some idea of the possible numbers, but they're focusing on talking up those who want to stay.  The players still have time to transfer, of course, but with fall practices starting up, anyone who wants a chance to play this season at another school probably can't wait too much longer.


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he is more mobile than we have seen.  LSU is fond of kind of the dual threat, can run, can pass, does not do anything particularly well but is competent in all kinds of different looks.  I don't know if Bolden is not good or that his skill set was not being utilized at Penn State. 


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that it is clear that racism is defined as:

"A belief or set of values that results in a person rendering judgment regarding the athletic ability of another without any reference or consideration as to the person's race or ethnicity."


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 I can't believe some of these guys are leaving ( mainly Redd). You'ld think after spending 3-4 years together on the same team you'ld build some kind of bond with your team mates. Shows a lot about a mans character in how he handles adversity. When the going gets tough some folks just run for cover i guess.

I just think of Denards speech at the big ten media day

At Michigan, we talk about trust, respect, accountability and commitment. Not only accountability to our teammates but to our families, our coaches, our schools and we're accountable to each other as Big Ten players to make right choices

I'm glad we're not in this situation

snarling wolverine

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When these guys committed to play for PSU, they did not know that school would not only be hammered by the NCAA but that the reputation of the school itself would be seriously tainted by the fact that it would become associated with the covering up of a child rapist.  I don't think we should fault a single one of them for wanting to leave.


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When these guys committed to play for PSU, they did not know that school would not only be hammered by the NCAA but that the reputation of the school itself would be seriously tainted by the fact that it would become associated with the covering up of a child rapist.  I don't think we should fault a single one of them for wanting to leave.



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The coach they committed to play for is dead. The coaching staff is gone. The program is in shambles because it turns out they covered up child rape for a decade or two.

Questioning the character of kids who want to leave that catastrofuck is pretty iffy, especially when you don't know a thing about their lives. So... yeah, I'mma go ahead and disagree with you on this one.


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The father pushed the envelope when it came to "folk."  I don't see an "embed" code for this video, but a quick listen to this song called "Get on Top" will give an idea of his refusal to be just another boring folksinger.  The part where he is "talking in tongues" is quite entertaining, even forty years later.  




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But in this situation, I do not blame the kids...I would want to get as far away from that situation as well. I think the reports out of State College of the "Commitment and Unity" will be tested in the coming days


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Buckley was #2 on their depth chart at free safety, so this may sting a little bit if they have injuries in the secondary. Even though Buckley hadn't seen the field as yet, it means that the coaches liked what they saw enough that they thought he could back up Malcolm Willis here. It leaves them with two redshirts (sophomores, I think - working from memory a bit here) as backup safties on either side, I believe. 

Still, given the circumstances, I don't blame anyone for reconsidering their decision in State College, and in Buckley's case, he's essentially going home, which must be a huge positive for him as well. There isn't a lot of time for kids to make decisionsin in time for fall practice, but if we keep to the theory that that mainly underclassmen leave if anyone, then their depth chart at a few positions thins significantly. 


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And it is lack of depth that will hinder them moving forward, even if few projected starters leave. What happens in the next few weeks is huge for the 2013 class as well.  If too many players leave, some of the 2013 class who have state they're solid for PSU will likely reconsider their commitment.


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I keep asking myself why, with the four year bowl ban (and loss of practice time), the loss of recruiting and the reputation that the scandal has brought to the school, would anyone want to go there?  If there were some unique quality that Penn State had, it might make sense. On every level there are other choices available to recruits that would logically dictate another choice.

If you were a junior or senior, it might make sense to hang around, but if you are a freshman or even a sophomore, I can come up with some very compelling and very obvious reasons to transfer.


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Logically, you're right, but I imagine the peer pressure behind the scenes from other team members to stay is quite strong. The thing is, there is likely a tipping point with transfer numbers, a point at which many who've been convinced to stay see the program as a sinking ship and don't want to be the last one off.


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They have to be selling the "You will play" thing hard.  If you would be a 3rd or 4th string guy on a "regular" Penn State team or equivalent B1G team, and all of a sudden it looks like you'll be seeing 30 plays a game, you might even want to stay even more than before.


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That is true, but it is also offset by the abscence of a bowl game (a week of fun in the sun) and those additional practices and the lack of NFL exposure provided by bowl games.

I can certainly understand your logic with lesser ranked recruits and players lower on the depth chart but not with the four stars, etc.


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When a whopping 25 pleayers showed up as a sign of solidarity and support I knew they were in deep trouble.  That is far less than 50% of the roster and even those that don't leave might wish they could.  I won't be surprised if more than 10 bolt when all is said and done.


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It's been mentioned in previous posts, but that number was probably only 25 due to some other factors as well (i.e. travel, work, etc.)...realistically maybe a dozen or so more would've showed up. A good number of those left probably just want to see what's out there and will probably come back when they see the offers they are getting aren't on par with what they received in high school. When all is said and done I only see 10 leaving at most, which would be signifcant, but certainly not as bad as some of the predictions of 10+ leaving


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Buckley is from Raleigh, so his transfer isn't exactly shocking. He was also an invited walk-on who had worked his way up the depth chart. He'll be on scholarship at NCSU.

That said, I disagreed with Brian's belief that the transfer list would be limited. I think they're looking at 15-20 departures this year. Again...why would you stay? It's not like you can't bond with your teammates at the next school. It's not like you can't get a quality education at the next school. It's not like Penn State offered *anything* that can't be found elsewhere. 


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I think the numbers leaving this season will be lower than people expect just based purely on timing. Anyone looking for playing time is going to have to move pretty quickly to get to their new school in time for fall camp. And then there's the issue of getting enrolled in classes. I think most will stick it out this season if only because of inertia, but depending on how this season goes, after the season is over is when I see the mass exodus happening


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Sure, it makes sense to recruit this year’s incoming PSU class, they have four years of eligibility and a redshirt available, and wouldn't be too far behind other new players on the team who went through spring and summer camps.

As for the rest:

5th-year seniors would be way behind understanding the new team’s schemes. And 4th-year players would have less eligibility than a junior college transfer.

After the 1st, 4th, and 5th year players, you’re left with the 2nd-year and 3rd-year players. They’d probably be most attractive to schools who previously recruited them, and would be the same as JC transfers in terms of eligibility. 

Mr Miggle

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Those 4th and 5th year players would have some appeal. For many teams, I don't think there would be any downside, even if the reasons you give limited their contributions. As far as the players go, it's got to be tough to leave so late in your career. I would think starters would stay, backups are more likely to look around.


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The sanctions were announced too late for most that want to leave to catch on with another team. With graduating seniors and underclass attrition, you can expect next year to be truly brutal for them.