OT: Penn State: Another player leaving the program

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Starting wide receiver Shawney KerseyPenn State's most experienced player at the position, has left the team for "personal reasons," the Nittany Lions announced on Twitter.


As if this team wasn't bad enough already, they just got even worse.  When do we play Penn State again?  Like 3 more years?

*EDIT* Thanks Wolverine Devotee, we play them next year on the road.



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I hear they're bitter little hostile and twisted morlocks these days.  They have the "whole world is against us" mindset and the stadium is getting a bit unfriendly.  Some friends went for Toledo and found it to be rather chilly.  

You need to go after they've been beaten down so badly they can't even summon the feeling of rage.  


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Navy is bad. Really bad. And Temple has been trending way down since Golden left. As bad as Penn State may look, I don't think they'll lose either of those. Their strength is the front 7 on defense, so they shouldn't have too much of an issue with Navy's option. They should overwhelm Temple too.

Kersey maybe be a senior receiver, but he hasn't been real effective this year, only 6 catches for 44 yards. Watching the PSU-UVA game, I didn't hear his name called many times at all. It hurts depth for sure, but it's not a huge drop from Inefffective Guy #1 to Ineffective Guy #2.


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"Outplayed"?  Pish-posh.  Their offense is trash.  Don't blame their kicker for the loss - you have to score touchdowns when you're handed as many gifts as they got.  I agree they're not terrible - they have a pretty darn good defense and will probably be in a lot of games this year because of that.  But their offense is probably the most pathetic in the B1G, unless Iowa would like to challenge for that distinction.

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The exodus next offseason might well be worse than this past one.  This year there was a sense of solidarity produced by all the bad headlines, and there was still the memory of last season's decent team to keep them going.  By next offseason, PSU will probably be coming off a losing season with not much hope for the future (with three more years of sanctions to come).   


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Players want to win, but more than anything else they want to play, and PSU with its thin roster has very little competition for starting spots. It also has first-rate coaches and facilities and plays in a fairly strong conference, so it's still as good a springboard for the NFL as any other major-conference team. I think most of their players would rather start at PSU than be buried on the depth chart at OSU or play in obscurity at Marshall.

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Wow do I feel bad for O'Brien. Every week just seems to get worse.

I wonder if at some point he'd even consider holding open tryouts for the team. I mean its not like they couldn't use a new kicker or anything.


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How can you feel bad for him? When he was hired, it was widely speculated that PSU would hire a coach for 3 years, wait for this to blow over, then fire him. It just turned out to be 4. He gets a head coach position listed on his resume and no one will bat an eye at his record because everyone knows there were extenuating circumstances that prevent the record from properly reflecting on his ability as a head coach. He knew what he was getting into when he was hired.


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when he took the job.  I think he could have gotten better than an FCS gig if he was hell-bent on being a college head coach.  I do think he knew what he was getting into, but the last Patriot OC to jump to a college head-coaching gig landed at Notre Dame.  His resume was pretty solid.


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The NCAA was pure genius on this one.  Worse than the death penalty.  They allowed PSU to bank their ticket revenues, but good lord is the on field product going to be gut-churningly awful for the next 5-6 years.  Much in the way The Horror hung a cloud on our program which we're just recently shedding, I savor at the countless looming on-field embarrassments for PSU.  Not the least of which is that when you're at a PSU home game, their blundering need to remind you of the obvious - that THEY ARE, in fact, PENN STATE.  Dumbest cheer in sports.

I live in DC where it seems 95% of PSU alums migrate, so yeah, my disdain runs deep.


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That's odd, I could have sworn a bunch of Nuts went to Tressel's house afterwards, where he promised you'd beat us or something like that. Not that free shit for football players is even in the same category as what happened in State College, but your athletic department's coverups and fan reactions haven't helped the B1G's reputation. You might be a civilized enough fella, but you can't deny that too many in your fanbase aren't. Herbie moved outta the Buckeye State for a reason.

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I've never denied that there are assholes in the OSU fanbase.  I will deny that the assholes are a majority, or even a large minority.  OSU has taken a lot of steps to crack down on them, at least around the Shoe, and I think it's paying off.  

With regards to the "coverup," I'd point out that it was the athletic department who reported Tress to the NCAA. 


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I see.  The Big Ten sucks.  Yet they have only won 3 conference titles in 19 years in this conference that sucks.  Does that mean they are on the level below suck?  What does that say about them? 

Oh, right.  These are Penn State fans.  Their team never loses.  It's the rest of the world who works behind the scenes to screw them over. 


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I thought it might be a similar fanbase to Michigan. ND fans are annoying, sure, but for the most part they remind me of Michigan fans (and are probably annoying in ways we come off to other schools). They had the same values.  But it didn't take long to change that.

The second year when they came up here with their really good team, they were so cocky. And while we played them closer than anybody, they were kinda dicks about it.  Then when we started winning...oh boy. Every fanbase has the tinfoil hat conspiracy guy...but it seemed like their whole fanbase is made of them. Every single poster. The whining and theories ad nauseum. They are a piece of work.


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So far this year, Allen Robinson and Kyle Carter have been getting over half of the catches at WR, so you have to wonder if it is simply someone who was not satisfied essentially. They can use all the depth they can get just about anywhere right now, but from a production standpoint, it isn't a big loss, and they do have other guys who can step up into the third receiver role potentially, though losing experience probably stings a little regardless as they are again having to potentially throw freshmen into the fire.

There was also a comment on the BSD boards that, if true, provides a little insight as Kersey originally committed to Rutgers apparently: "Not sure how JoePa latched onto him, but he was squawking about transfering back in 2010 because he wanted more play time."


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Does anyone feel sorry for the coaches of standard tomato cans?  Does anyone feel sorry for Ron English, when a coach with less skin pigment and his track record would have gotten a lot better opportunity than EMU?  

O'Brien will have to put up with losing.  Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but so do approximately 50 percent of coaches in the sport.  He gets a great paycheck, a head coaching job at a major university, and the media will eventually nominate him for sainthood for sticking around.  

This coach is going to get a free pass from the media for at least six years.  I think he can put up with a few seasons of being overmatched.  


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...provide proof that Ron English was passed up for better jobs because he was black? (if anything, it probably helped him)

Your assertion is pure conjecture, provides no value to the discussion, and wrongly assumes the greater college football gestalt if full of bigotry.

Maybe if RE was a better coach, he would have a better gig?