OT: Penn State: Another player leaving the program

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Starting wide receiver Shawney KerseyPenn State's most experienced player at the position, has left the team for "personal reasons," the Nittany Lions announced on Twitter.


As if this team wasn't bad enough already, they just got even worse.  When do we play Penn State again?  Like 3 more years?

*EDIT* Thanks Wolverine Devotee, we play them next year on the road.



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The fact that the fanbase seems determined to paint themselves as the wronged party and that they are trying to find some kind of nobility in suffering their "unjust" punishment just pisses me off to no end.  Screw 'Em.

ESPN showing a Joe Pa bobblehead statue left defiantly outside Beaver Stadium where his statue used to stand didn't help me to find any sympathy for them either.


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Kersey isn't that good.  In fact he's kind of lousy.  They won't miss him.  At UVA we have the most inexperienced secondary in the history of secondaries and we blanketed Kersey.  He caught one pass.  They'll throw to Robinson, Carter, and Kenney and they won't scare anyone that way, but it's not like they're missing out by not having Kersey.


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PSU should be competitive this year - UVa was a missed kick and Ohio caught them at the best time.  I expect them to still win 6-7 games this year, but next year...ugh.  That will not be a pretty place unless they really recruit up.  Looks like O'Brien is doing his best, but it will take some luck to stay above Purdue/Illinois level until the end of the decade.


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Then they have a good shot of sliding to the Minnesota/Indiana level of the conference for a couple of seasons until the sanctions are over.  I can see years 3 and 4 of sanctions having 5 wins or less depending on who they schedule for OOC if they don't pad their schedule with cupcakes, especially if the rest of the Big 10 rebounds in the next few seasons. Can't wait to read TWIS for the next several years if they keep losing, there will be plenty of material for our fearless leader from their message boards.


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I think that a great coach, an excellent coach, with a favorable schedule, could win maybe 8 games there during the nadir of the sanctions that is probably coming in about 3-4 years.  Penn State could be seriously screwed with O'Brien.  The guy is totally unproven.  Think "Charlie Weis without the 5* and 4* recruits".  The downside for a guy like that is 1-11. 

Imagine RichRod's first Michigan year, but without the 12 months of recruiting that brought in Roundtree, Omameh, Odoms, Gallon, Robinson, Forcier, Lewan, Roh, and Schofield.  That's where Penn State is going to be.  Their '11 and '12 classes were already pretty crappy by Penn State standards.  So unlike USC, they don't have a reserve of talent to tide them over through their sanctions.  Their '13 and '14 classes will probably be disastrous.  Things might start to turn around after that, since the '15 class will be kids who will be able to play in bowls as juniors. 


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and yes, I've been to the chans.

I used to feel sorry for the fans, but now it is my morning schadenfreude as I sit on the pot.


no facts, sue everyone, fire everyone, graduation rates, jealousy ... blah blah blah

laced with physical threats, death threats & wishes, anti-B1G / pro ACC, conspiracy theories, delision, bitterness, posting of addresses & phone numbers of lawyers, BOTs, NCAA employees .. and any poster who doesn't agree that JP is god.


Truly, a sight to behold. A man, beaten. The once great champ, now a study in moppishness.