OT: Paw Patrol Michigan Edition

Submitted by Boner Stabone on September 24th, 2018 at 10:05 AM

For all you young MGoDads out there you might be able to relate to this.  I am watching the game with my 4 year old son on Saturday.  Every time that Chase Winovich makes a play or a sack my son yells out "Chase is on the case!" (character from Paw Patrol) and then this Saturday he was introduced to a new "player" when Larwrence Marshall got his paw on the ball to help with the first interception he heard the name Marshall (another character from Paw Patrol) and was totally stoked to find out there was yet another paw patrol character on Michigan's team.  Needless to say, Chase and Marshall are his favorite players and it makes watching the game with him quite fun and entertaining.



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Lucky my daughter is 3 weeks old and doesn’t watch Paw Patrol yet. Hoping that she’ll like Spongebob when she gets older. I’m 25 and I’ll still watch that show if nothing else is on. I have no shame.


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to OP, that is cool.

to ijohnb (and other parents), there's another way to handle the issue though.

no TV.   only the occasional, super special deal, or if one of them is sick, will they get a video.  and then its, say, andy griffith, veggie tales, or maybe a john wayne movie, something along those lines.  


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we jokingly refer to ourselves as the electric amish.  i do business with them, as they farm near us.  very pleasant people.  i do remember riding home one day from one of the farms and one of my boys whispered in the back seat to me: 'daddy, i saw something in the barn'.   i thought he was going to tell me about the incredible draft horses they have, at least 20 hands high and about as wide as my truck.   nope, not the topic.

he says, 'daddy, i saw an electric drill!'


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1606~Guessing you are younger than 40...those who are 50+ probably know...in most areas cartoons were for Saturday morning, and IF you had three to four functional tv channels life was good. We went OUTSIDE and socially interacted WITH OUT blogs, tweets, and the web...irony is, we didn't have a lot of the problems common today. We actually had jobs and were responsible and dependable. Something which seems to be absent in today's youth.


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Oh yeah totally. That 4 year old should really be out getting a job. All those Michigan football players you cheer for sure seem irresponsible and not dependable as well. God forbid that different generations have different experiences based on what is and is not available to them based on the advancement (or not) of society.


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i don't think his comment was anything to do with the players.  that is a job in this day and age.   it had to do with the wise use, or non-use, of available technology.  i think his point is more along the lines of 'not all things available are helpful', and he cited some reasons why. 


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Actually fun fact, kids today are LESS likely to be snatched off the street now. There's also less sexual assault and less violent crime. I also dont know about you but I dont think a 4 year old is going to eschew playing outside because of a blog. 

Sorry old man but your childhood only looks great because of nostalgia. Also I am so glad that your generation was responsible and dependable enough to fuck up our environment and lead the country into economic crisis. Boy you sure set nice example for all the millennials  out there.


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Is this sarcastic parody of baby boomers and and acknowledgment about their ease of life? Yeah, back in the 1970s one didn’t have to have a bachelor’s degree in one’s field and could teach a college discipline they were not an expert in. Now PhDs are adjuncting and competing to teach at private high schools and community colleges—or asked to do unpaid internships just to have chances at interviews for low level jobs they are more technically qualified for in today’s world.

Stop with this denigration of the “youth,” unless you want to talk about how baby boomers are greedy, less educated as a generation, bad with money, MORE prejudiced against minorities of all swathes, and had a whole lot to do with the implosion of the economy circa 2008 due to buying more than they could afford and relying on the Millennials to bail them out so they can retire. And if we want to talk about obesity and social interactions (which are correlated by you to TV and internet)—it is the 60-plus crowd that carries the obesity ratios at high rates and likes to use  guns to stand one’s ground because a neighbor parked in a handicap spot or put their trash in the wrong place. Talk about great communication skills!

Sure, let’s go back to the excuse-making generation, who is made up of “men” afraid of being called out on their assholery when they “grab women by the pussy” because they think they can get away with it.

All the while, it’s not safe for kids to be out on streets with more twisted old people abducting them from neighborhoods, with inconsiderate old drivers hitting more kids, and with more parents having to work in dual income houses just to make ends meet—but yeah, say something sarcastic about three entire generations of adults and younger because you think “anyone under 40” is, what?, not living the right way—like those over 40 are some kind of magical group of people because they didn’t watch much TV. 

Shit, I learned more about how not too generalize an entire set of people from Sesame Street during the mornings than I did from “going outside.”

Lastly, it is ironic-funny how you espouse said opinion about going outside and staying off blogs...on a blog, about sitting on your ass on a couch and watching others exercise on a field while you complain about how they are or are not making you happy through their play.


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I was born in 1965 and my take is that screens of all kinds have made it hard for some kids to learn social skills because they don't have the nearly 100% face-to-face relationships we had as kids. But, you're right, with progress come different experiences for the new generation. I am a screen person now. I love my laptop, my phone, Facebook, Twitter, surfing every night while I watch TV. I feel like I don't read as much anymore because of it, and that makes me sad. I think it's the instant gratification of having so much information in a click. I can go from the New York Times cooking section to MGoBlog to Twitter to Google to search for some completely random piece of information to watching videos on Youtube and it requires so little work. 

The Mad Hatter

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Pretty sure Mrs. Hatter lysol'd the hell out of them (as she does any second hand item that enters our house).  But I'm of the opinion that kids should be exposed to as much filth as possible to help build an effective immune system.  I was never clean before middle school and I rarely get sick.  The wife lived in a sterile environment (with insane parents) and she's sick all the time.

yossarians tree

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Does any station play old Mr. Rodgers episodes? I just watched a great new documentary on Mr. Rodgers (simply titled "Mr. Rodgers") and it is fascinating and worth a look. While his character was not an act, Fred Rodgers was a deeply intelligent person who incorporated very progressive child psychology into his message and helped children confront very difficult subjects like divorce, war, and death.