OT: Patrick Beilein joining Utah Jazz staff, and scaring the hell out of me.

Submitted by BostonWolverine on July 25th, 2014 at 3:03 PM

All I saw before I clicked on the post was "Beilein joining Snyder's Jazz staff." My heart sunk. I clicked immediately. It's Patrick. Not John. Phewwwwww. Looks like he's gonna be workin' with Trey. Good move for him.



Voltron is Handsome

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I really cannot see John's going to the NBA. I know many NBA experts believe he can and will coach there eventually, and I believe he can also, but I just have a feeling he will stick with college until he retires.


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the demeanor of an NBA coach.  He is able to teach and commands respect from his players without berarting them nor does be attempt to strip players of their individual identity in order to integrate with the team concepts.  He actually reminds me quite a bit of Larry Brown except not a basket-case.  His window is closing, but I would not be surprised if he is getting a few phone calls now and then from the big leagues.


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I had heard from somebody working in the athletic department that the Celtics were interested in Beilein when they hired Brad Stephens, but that Beilein turned them down.


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Grammar Police checking in on Voltran is Handsome.

I really cannot see John's going to the NBA.

...John's going to the NBA.

Outstanding use of the possessive in front of a gerund phrase.



Source:  I've been teaching a lot of grammar this summer.


Also, thanks to the OP for not putting us through his terror.  The thread title is informative, accurate, and unalarming.


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I had thought that Patrick Beilein had interviewed for the Marist job too sometime last month as well, so it has been nice to see the apples not falling too far from the tree, as they say. Working with Trey is  definite bonus though - best of luck to him on the start of the NBA leg of his career.


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was an assistant of John Beilein at West Virgina. He hired CJ Lee as one of the assistants. So it is part of the Beilein tree regardless. You are correct that Patrick did interview with them for the head spot or they at least expressed interest.

Glad to hear Patrick is getting a shot with Utah.


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And had the same initial reaction. After I read the story, I came to mgoblog to see if someone played with the heartstrings of mgobloggers. You are kinder than I.