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Submitted by mgoblueaustin on January 12th, 2013 at 12:22 PM

For me as I am sure for most of you MGoBlog is required daily reading, multiple times a day. 

What other blogs/sites do you frequent that you find valuable that you'd like to share with the community? Any suggestion works, but specifically which non-sports blogs do you read?  Blogs/sites about: Being a dude, Booze, Hunting, Cars, The Civil War, Modern Seinfenld, Health/Wellness, Grunge Music of the 90's, Video Games, Do It Yourself Electrical Work, Deviant Behavior Theory, Snack Crakers, whatever is essential that we should be checking out frequently.




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You would be looking for a snack crakers blog.

Although it's not technically a blog, more of a board, I would recommend Reddit.  The main communities are mediocre at best (Funny/WTF/Politics/Tech/AdviceAnimals/Atheism), and seem to be overrun by idiots who just spout off non-stop memes and only cater to specific ideologies.  However, the smaller communties are fantastic.  You can find them for just about any interest (definitely all the ones you listed, except for maybe snack crackers).  Plus their college football community /r/CFB, is by far the best college football community/board  around that is not devoted to a single team.


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For me, the internet =












If it wasn't for the last two, I never would have learned that Section 1 is a paid COINTELPRO shill for the illuminati's plan to institute the NWO.


The rest is porn, but I am sure you already knew that.


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I think that Mgoblog is the second best blog on the internet (and my home site) because abovetopsecret is the perfect example of what the internet should be.


I also like:




Sidenote:  I too lived in 909 dewey back in the day.  When did you live there?


BOX House

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Grantland is the best thing to happen to sports journalism in a long time. Michael Weinreb (Michigan-disdain aside) wrote some excellent pieces on the Penn State saga and generally writes really interesting pieces on college football. And occasional contributor Wright Thompson is one of my favorite writers around.

Abe Froman

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EXCELLENT blog re tech, society, and law. Very insightful and very well written.


Recap of new tech devices and news.



Both blogs about random guy type stuff available to buy. Ranges from bacon scented candles to race ducatis.


Good articles, a worthwhile read.


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from our interactions in the past, but I'm the same way (and I've also been getting tired of it lately). I'm now one statistics class shy of my BS in Public Affairs with a Policy Analysis specialization, and am starting work on an MPP in two days, so I'm probably about as chock full of political opinions as most. In all fairness, things are probably a bit easier for me to keep out of here than it is for someone like yourself who actually have people who agree with your politics (and thus have people who will argue in a non-academic way).

That, and without getting into the politics, I've been retreating away from the "political" part of politics when I can help it. Almost all of my reading these days is economic, which obviously gets political, but not in the "Senator X is being a dick by not letting this get out of Subcommittee Y and Obama did a great/terrible job appointing this cabinet secretary so it's bound to be good/bad if it ever gets enacted" kind of way. It has helped my stress level quite a bit when it comes to dealing with what's going on in the world (although it's still probably too high).


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go ahead and post lists that include non offensive political blogs (please, nothing like obamasux.com or idiotsvoteforrepublicans.com) but let's not go much further than that. Nothing wrong with a, "that's a good site, it's worth checking out" but please keep the "that site is for right/left wing slappies and Hitler lovers" out of it.



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I spend almost as much time at Andrew Sullivan's blog as I do at this one. He has recently announced that he is going independent again, and is asking for $19.99 for an annual subscription. I think the business model is interesting and wonder if more of the high traffic blogs will go that route in the future. He has eschewed advertising because he claims it takes too long to download and disturbs the reader's enjoyment of the site. I've never had a problem with the two ads Brian shows per page. One difference is that Sullivan doesn't have a comment section, so I think that limits his page views, but I'm pretty sure he gets way more traffic than this site. Not Drudge level traffic, but still pretty good. 

I do go to Drudge, but I never take anything there as truth without getting a second source.

I used to go to Grantland daily, but I'm tired of that site and Simmons' schtick.


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There is something besides Michigan football? I mean besides like Michigan basketball and Michigan hockey? Tell me of these things.

Okay so here's my regular lineup not counting Michigan blogs and college football in general:

Dog Eat Crow (For short story writers)

Roar of the Tigers (Tigers for insane people)

Bless You Boys (Tigers)

Recently various Wheel of Time forums

Used to always read Alternate 85 but that guy moved on to be a writer for Key & Peele. If someone's got another blog that's for people who like to take pop culture way too seriously let me know.