OT & "OT": Lions take Fox in 4th

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I love this pick... essentially moving up to get Best, and then falling back 27 spots in the 4th and getting OT Fox of Miami. The trade looks like a success.

I know the Lions are in great need of an OLB or MLB, but getting a good OT in the late 4th that can sit and learn for 1-2 years behind Backus/Jansen.

Fox has a full year to prove he's the future at tackle... if it works then Lions first round next year can be defense again instead of OT. If it doesn't... just a fourth round pick for the 2-deep.

Looks like free agency for that LB and another CB. But the line is "good enough" for 2010.



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Was really hoping we'd jump on Perrish Cox out of Oklahoma State. Kid is a tackling machine at corner, but Fox is a 4 year starter at Miami. Every pick has made sense so far, love the new regime....


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If the Lions had stuck with the 2nd rounder, Best would probably have still been around. If not, there was McCluster (MISS), a similar player with maybe a little less upside, but a lot less injury concern. Otherwise, there were some other bigger backs available as well (Gerhart, Tate, Hardesty).

But what moving up cost the Lions was a huge downgrade in draft position in the 4th round. So instead of getting OT Campbell, a guy whose talent says 1st round, they get Fox, who has an injury history and not nearly the upside of Campbell. Everson Griffin, another potential impact player at DE was also available where the Lions could have picked.


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is a massive project who has never put it together on the field before. One thing I also know is that you say Best would "probably" have been available. In the things I've read for Mayhew/Schwartz, that "probably" wasn't something they wanted to risk. They got the guy they wanted with that pick and still got a quality OT in the 4th round. One who is more ready than Campbell, albeit with less upside overall.


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for being a poor football player? Really?

The Lions got an explosive RB--which is what they needed--for a minimal cost. They in turn got a solid 4 year starter who unlike Campbell, show NFL ability on the field.

Campbell has 1st round physical giftsn who has displayed UDFA playing ability. Have you paid attention at all to the consensus on this guy?

Yes Best is a risk.But he is far more likely to help the Lions than Bruce Campbell.

All due respect, but Campbell is a classic Millen pick. All flash, no substance. Fox may not be an All Pro, but he stands a better chance of lasting in the NFL than Bruce Campbell.

Everson Griffin has issues as well. I wouldn't have been averse to the Lions taking him, but the Fox picks makes sense.


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In the 4th round you're taking a risk either way. I'd rather go for the guy with upside and hope you can coach him up.

I think Best is a quality player, he really impressed me at Cal... but the injury risk is huge here. (as it is with Fox). Its a different sport, but the Portland Trailblazers illustrate what happens when a franchise acquires players without regard for injuries (Oden, Aldridge, Roy, Camby all come with significant injury concerns.)

Best doesn't seem like an every down back, which is why I view McCluster as a comparable player. Fox is a fine pick for a late fourth rounder, but the Lions blew a shot an an early 4th rounder, which is where my problem is.

Overall, Schwartz and Mayhew are doing a great job. But, I think they're overplaying "need" relative to "value" with a few moves. The Lions are still a long way off from being title contenders, so I'd rather they just acquired as much talent as possible.

Blue boy johnson

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I only say probably because it is unknown how good Bowie could have been if healthy. Unfortunately with Darko we know how bad of a pick he was, no need to speculate.

Hakeem Olajuwon was the other player chosen before Jordan but you really can't give Houston any flack on that one, Hakeem did quite well for himself.


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The Lions are doing something that has not happened all that often in the past decade: Addressing needs. I like Fox and I think he has potential to start in the future. I also think that next year's first pick is almost certainly an offensive lineman.

For the first time in over a decade, I am actually very positive about the Lions...its a strange feeling.


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No idea where he'll go, and he's not as good as he once was. He's still decent though, and would probably be an upgrade over Peterman or Sim's. I wouldn't be opposed to throwing some money his way to help the O-line, which would look pretty serviceable with him on it.


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I like the fox pick, but it worries me he was forced to miss games with an irregular heartbeat last year, seems like recent history has shown players with that condition have continuing problems...


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I think the Lions are setting a draft record for the fewest number of letters in the last names of their 4 picks thus far. It's going to be hard to beat.