OT: OSU vs Penn State Muffed Punt/Touchback

Submitted by tjyoung on November 7th, 2009 at 4:57 PM

So how is this fair:

1) Penn State kicks punt to OSU.
2) Ball hits osu player in foot at 5 yard line
3) Ball bounces into endzone
4) OSU covers ball in endzone
5) Play results in touchback for OSU

How is this fair? It hits OSU in the foot at 5 yard line, but since it bounces into the endzone and they recover, it's put at the 20 yard line. So a great punt turns into a touchback because of a mistake on OSU's part. Shouldn't the ball be spotted at the 5 yard line to reward PSU with a good punt?

Something just seems wrong with way this is ruled.