OT: OSU DE Jamal Marcus reportedly transferring

Submitted by GoWings2008 on May 27th, 2014 at 3:38 PM

As the title says...sounds like he had some academic issues and missed a lot of Spring ball.  I searched the blog and found nothing, sorry if its a repeat. 

Apparently 11W reported he was kicked off the team.  The Columbus Dispatch reports it was a mutual decision for him to leave.

Link:  http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaaf-dr-saturday/de-jamal-marcus-transferring-from-ohio-state-125451874.html



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Buckeye fans freaking out about this but Non chalant about losing Hyde and 4 senior OL.

Thy still have Bosa Bennett Washington an Spence comes back after game 2. This was a depth player albeit a good one.

E. Gordon Gee

May 27th, 2014 at 5:11 PM ^


Tell me, how should Ohio State fans should feel about the loss of 4 offensive linemen and our RB from last year. Should we be in panic now and melting down over the losses on offense? In midseason freakout form about the offensive line similar to how Michigan was about their offensive line throughout the middle of the season last year under Funk? Something else? 

I can't speak for all OSU fans but I'm sure most of us are more than calm about the future offensive line and running backs for the 2014 team. Based on what we've seen from Drayton (RB coach) and Warnier (OL coach) we're in good hands even if their is a lack of experienced upperclassmen. Pat showed his worth stepping in for Hall during the Michigan game and Big Ten championship. Decker will likely get moved to LT to replace Mewhort. Lindsay may likely get the start at center over Boren or Price given his experience at Bama which leaves the other guard and tackle position to be filled. My guess at the starting offensive line is: 

LT: Decker LG: Pat Center: Lindsay RG: Leslie RT: Baldwin/Underwood

This won't be the best OL and their will be a drop off but I expect to see something similar to what Bama experienced with a drop in OL performance but one that got better (minus the Sugar Bowl collaspe) throughout the season.

Running back wise Elliot, Ball, Smith or Dunn will split the snaps with Elliott likely emerging as the leader. While we won't have a RB carving up defenses with a power run game with Hyee.  I expect our RB production to shift to those similar at South Carolina or Georgia.  A speedy back that explodes through the hole and is elusive.  

Our coaches have proven themselves to develope talent and we will be just fine as we are in a patient wait and see mode. 


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Eh, not quite. The kid started the Orange Bowl for Spence and would have started the first two games this year. Johnson has said all spring that he will play a plethora of D lineman this year and after Marcus played extremely well against Clemson, he more than likely would have seen significant time this year and in future years as well. Though, I am not a proponent of over-signing, I don't think Marcus would have been the one to be shown the door if Urban was just looking to make room. It may be a deep position in terms of talent but this certainly hurts the D-line.


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But it's way too convenient.  Even as 11W's put it:

Ohio State is now at 82 scholarships, the number required due to NCAA sanctions. The 2014 season is the last in which the Buckeyes are hamstrung and docked three scholarships.

How is this not generating a huge, 'WTF moment'


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I just think convenient would be cutting a guy who would never contribute or who has not shown any signs of being a contributor. Not a potential starter. No matter how you look at it, OSU is back to their number of allotted scholarships AND they lose a playmaker.


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I recall them getting a ton of 5* and high 4* talent on the D-line in the last few years so I'm not really sure they'll be hurting much

Mr. Yost

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...but OSU's DL is going to be ridiculous this year.

Still not sure why we turned down Tommy Schutt. Maybe Magnus can shed some light on that one, was it his family or something?


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if this dude was projected as a starter and big impact player then im guessing meyer tried to do what he could for the kid...but if hes a depth player whos not really projected to impact games then its guaranteed the program willingly gave him his walking papers...meyers proven thats how he rolls at fla and so far as osu...and unfortunately it works and allows him roster flexibility to bring in another young body with potential vs older player with less potential