OT- Osama Bin Laden is Dead

Submitted by BiSB on May 2nd, 2011 at 2:37 AM

Apparently something big is happening in the world.  We have NO idea what.  But I suggest you get to a television.

The only thing they have said is that it is "national security related."

EDIT: Twitter is abuzz with a rumor that we got Bin Laden.  Waiting for TomVH to confirm. Also, If this is too political, feel free to delete.  But I thought this might generate some interest.

EDIT II: CNN confirms: the United States has the body of Osama Bin Laden.  War on Terror Muppets.

EDIT III: Thread locked to prevent the inevitable political flame war from escalating. [ZL]



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Just my opinion but this looks photoshopped.  If thats supposed to be his body below, then why is it white? Also the head looks awfully blurry compared to the rest of the picture. Actually from the nose up it looks different, looks like someone took a picture of a dead person from the eyes up and put it on the lower portion of Osamas face.


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While yes I'll admit I was talking out of my ass about the photoshop. I've never actually used it or anything, but I just stated what I saw. I'm not starting conspiracy bullshit, I just was stating that that wasn't a picture of him dead.  I personally think the fucker is dead, I just wouldn't expect pictures like that to just pop up on the internet. 


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Its understandable, as I'm sure there will be a ton of conspiracy theorists trying to argue that they need proof that he's dead (i.e. picture, head on stake) but they are saying facial recognition and DNA confirmed it was him. Well now he's buried at see, probably at a depth thats bone crushing, where I hope bottom dwellers feed on his body.


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Just remember the retarded extremists will prob do retaliation attacks on US soil so be observant. And lastly remember Obama had nothing to do with this other than ordering the mission as a go. Always thank the men and women of the Armed Forces who do the dirty work so you can sleep well at night.


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...out of your ass about shit you know nothing about. When the fucking President of the United States of America orders his Director of Cental Intelligence to make locating and eliminating OBL the CIA's top priority, then ensures that the miliary and intelligence community apparatus carries out his direction, then he had something to do with it. Stop making political judgments and start acting like a citizen of this great nation of ours. So sick of this sort of attitude.



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Was like a little kid this morning on XM 143.  It was quite entertaining.  Best quote was the fact they called it a  "Tap-Tap"two in the head just to make sure he's dead".  OK no more revelling in death from me anymore AFTER TODAY!