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Various message boards and the twitters are blowing up with rumors of impending NCAA penalties. Scholarship reductions, possible bowl ban.

Rumors beginning to circulate that #Oregon could get whacked very hard by NCAA within the week ... worse than many expect - Rich Cirminiello

Sources telling me #Oregon could face scholarship redux and bowl ban ... also key current players under investigation -- Rich Cirminiello

Also, there's this:






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UNC.  What they did is one of the worst forms of cheating and systematic abuse out there but it really feels like they just got a slap on the wrist.




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... they're not done yet. More bad stuff at UNC has supposedly been uncovered. From the bits and pieces I heard on the radio this morning, if the NCAA finds the latest accusations to be true (rampant grade fixing, etc...) the potential punishment could be crippling.

EDIT:  This is not limited to football, either.  Basketball and other sports are involved.


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From the August 9th Unverified Voracity: http://espn.go.com/college-sports/story/_/id/8243779/north-carolina-tar…

The University of North Carolina has essentially admitted that dozens of courses taught by African-American studies professor Julius Nyang'oro were, to use non-academic parlance, baloney......

....And the NCAA apparently has no jurisdiction in this matter. Which is why, dear folks in Indianapolis, people just don't get you sometimes. It would seem to the layman that the intersection of athletics and academic dishonesty is exactly the right spot for the NCAA to step in. Except, as of right now, there is no indication that the NCAA will revisit or re-examine the penalties it has already inflicted on UNC and its football team for violations related to improper benefits and academic misconduct involving a tutor. The reason: The athletes did the baloney work in the baloney courses, and so long as the baloney courses weren't balonified solely for the benefit of athletes -- in other words, they were equal-opportunity baloney classes made available to everyone at North Carolina -- it's not an NCAA problem......

It's a good piece, and I would recommend reading the whole thing, but I snipped out the relevant stuff


August 15th, 2012 at 8:56 AM ^

It appears the News and Observer and a rabid pack of NC State fans keep digging, and UNC is trying to gloss over it just as quickly. There is now a state bureau of investigation open case into fraudulent activity, and then there was the posting of Julius Peppers transcript which pretty much showed the only classes he got Bs in -- the rest of his grades were Ds, Fs and incompletes -- were in the Department of African and Afro-American studies.

If you imagine Michigan State 15 miles from Ann Arbor, and Ohio State 10 miles from Ann Arbor - that is how it is down here. So News and Observer covers all three schools, and Dan Kane is the reporter riding this horse (ala Jim Carty).

Anyway, the NCAA has apparently listed out own 2007 case as a precedent and says they won't get involved, so we'll see.

Personally, I find it sadly funny that an organization supposedly in place to protect the student aspect of being a college athlete worries about creme cheese for bagels and whether a QC staffer can attend a film session, and overlooks real academic issues.

Perkis-Size Me

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This doesn't surprise me. Kelly's built a powerhouse but there's been rumors like this swirling around since last year.

This offseason has had enough scandal for several decades worth. We just need football to start already.


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Yea well my buddy coaches with Miami Lb Gionni Pauls dad in orlando area and he said more is coming down the pipe for them that hasn't been released yet... Cool Story Bro!!


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I remember every day being better than the day before once the Ohio investigation got rolling. Remember the denials, standing by Tressel, Gee's idiocy, Tressel's resignation and, God bless them, the protest march.

Good times.


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Of scandals and NCAA penalties. Why is it that everyone has to do so many huge wrong things? It's no fun having half of the NCAA football teams ineligible for bowls :( why can't everyone just be good and honest :( i think im going to go cry and think about the good times...


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For non-sanctioned schools to appeal the penalty given to a school, in terms of it being too lenient.  I'm not sure that any school would actually follow through with that ability, because people in glass houses don't throw stones, but still, it'd be nice for punishments to sometimes get worse on appeal.


August 14th, 2012 at 9:25 PM ^

Going out on a limb here, I'm guessing they get a post-season ban for one year provided it isn't on New Year's day, and their scholarships are reduced to whatever number of players they currently have on scholarship... for one season.


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From @John_Infante aka Bylaw Blog:

Tweet 1

Oregon has not received a Notice of Allegations yet, so any penalty talk is premature.

Tweet 2

If Oregon will be hit with any penalties in 2012, they will be self-imposed. But the rumor is a lot for self-imposed penalties.

Tweet 3

My guess: Oregon has received the Notice of Allegations, it is bad, and people are guessing penalties from that.

Probably really is just Twitter rumors, or at least the part including the penalties.


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I like the NCAA has found some balls and is punishing teams but I wish it wasn't so wildly inconsistent. Academic fraud (UNC) or paying recruits (UCF): little to no punishment whereas Penn State got obliterated (rightly so) and Oregon might get hammered for paying a runner. Just seems weird. One thing is DEATH TO YOU and the next is a slap on the wrist


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Quite a quandry for the NCAA here: do they want to piss off Phil Knight and risk having him pull a bunch of sponsorship money out of the NCAA?  Or do they want to continue to look weak and impotent when it comes to punishing cheaters?  

One less big competitor would drive the prices down, and the NCAA would lose money.  At the very least, it might make Knight decide to drop some programs that he feels don't provide enough ROI for him.  OTOH, the "newer, tougher NCAA" has to eventually punish someone who is actually gaining a competitive advantage on the field.  

My vote is that they revisit Columbus and give Ohio what they really deserved: ten years of hell to compensate for their ten years of cheating under Jim Tressel.



August 15th, 2012 at 12:07 AM ^

Means less to Knight than Oregon, you're crazy. Knight does it to make money, not as a charitable ontribution. Otherwise the companies wouldn't be in a bidding war over team contracts. He can pull out. It'd make Adidas really happy. He knows that and it'll never happen.


August 15th, 2012 at 1:23 AM ^

Once again, an apparently dirty program is on the chopping block, so much the better.

Unfortunately, once again that program is not from the SEC, a conference so dirty Elliott Ness thinks things are out of hand.

I will believe things are getting better when Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi State, and perhaps LSU actually get their laundry aired out. The more things continue like this, the more I'm convinced that the SEC's run of dominance is not a function of fan enthusiasm, improved facilities, or excess talent in the South; it is a function of widespread, unrestrained cheating.

It's telling that teams that try to keep up with the SEC get nailed right and left. 


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Yeah, yeah, yeah...the paper trail dont always getcha. How many paper shredders were full of Pryor's vehicle loans? or whatever they wanted to call it. Kid didn't even have a liscense lol. At least one car dealership in ohio helped Tressel avoid worse than he got.


August 15th, 2012 at 6:25 AM ^

I want to hate Oregon for all this stuff but they're so fun to watch. Some of Kelly's calls as OC against Michigan were incredible. Running the Statue of Liberty then coming back with a fake SoL? Are you kidding me?

State Street

August 15th, 2012 at 11:17 AM ^

These rumors just aren't true, already been debunked by the Oregon Athletic Department. 

A telltale sign of a made up rumor: doesn't make sense that the two Oregon assistant coaches were "supposedly" hit with a show-cause while Chip Kelly, who had the same if not a closer relationship with the sleazebag agent in question, gets nothing.

That being said it wouldn't surprise anyone if Oregon got hit with USC type sanctions, hammer just won't be dropping this week (most likely).