OT - Oregon Highlights aka Our Offense in Two Years

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I recently got in an argument with one of my MSU friends who claims that the spread will not work at BCS-caliber level football... I just can't wait to prove that wrong.  I see so many parallels between this offense and ours; both are based on zone-read option, and this year, Oregon returned 19(?) starters... which is about what we return again next year.  The only thing missing is a breakout running back, which hopefully Dee Hart will fix.





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What is your point?  The OP didn't say he was for an uneven defense/offense.  I don't think you will find anyone who will argue with you.  I can't understand why you would try to pick a fight when there is no disagrement.  Unless you don't want an explosive offense, in which case you're crazy.


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minus the penalties and turnovers. Our offense isn't a peak efficiency because of our hangups, for the most part.

And another thing: If we were playing on the west coast and played the same game Oregon just did, we'd probably get flagged for holding, chop blocks, and false starts; I know how those refs in the PAC-10(12) are.


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No wonder they're putting up bushels of points.  Seriously, all the Oregon comparisons seem unnecessary, especially on this board.  Look at WVU with Pat White and Steve Slaton/Noel Devine.  That's all you need to do.  End of discussion.

Wait a minute.  This discussion is to fierce to end.  Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.

I like how this year's offense is running.  Take out the porous special teams and penalties and maybe Iowa game doesn't need such a dramatic comeback.  Cut out the INTs against MSU and that game takes on a whole new flavor.

The Ducks can have the offense they got now, two years from now and forever.  I'm pleased with what I'm seeing right now with our guys.


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proving him wrong already?  USC is going to be freaking dismantled in the Coliseum by this Ducks offense and I don't remember Auburn offensively being this good unless you went back to Bo Jackson and Lionel James wishbone era under Pat Dye.

Bigger than any of this, maybe defensive play really doesn't matter any more. I mean, your friend's Spartans are at the top of the Big Ten right now at 8-0 with a mediocre run defense, a horrid pass defense (barely better than UM's) and a decent scoring D.

I still think MSU will be exposed playing against Iowa's defensive line and secondary in Kinnick next weekend.



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besides our offense is very different from oregon's. they use a lot more deception. i personally get frustrated at our lack of deception, and variety of play calling. we only use about the same 5 plays all game.

da shiz

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With the running game I agree, it seems like we only have 8 different formations. Watching Oregon, guys are going in motion before the snap, distracting the defense, and WR's are options for an end-around run. Also, at WVU, the running back changes which side of the QB he is on seconds before the snap. I'm not saying the Michigan is running a predictable offense, that is never the case for a spread offense, but there is a lot more variety Michigan could use to make it more difficult to defend.


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That is the thing that will probably take two years... bringing around the D.

I think the O has the potential to be a juggernaut next year, but the D is still going to be young, and is still going to have some depth issues.  Let's just hope the Michigan (insert position here) Hating God decides to take next year off.


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I read these type of posts last year when everyone said:

osu is going to see the future of Michigan football in the rose bowl against Oregon

how did that work out??

Any offense will work in any conference if they have a defense as well


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They don't have a three-year starter at QB.  And anyway, they're only averaging 37 more yards per game than we are right now (569 to 532).  


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I don't really feel like their offense, schematically, is that different from ours. Obviously there are a few wrinkles we haven't put in, but I don't think that's as big a deal as how much better they execute than we do.


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In the end, Michigan's offense works just as well (could possibly change depending on better defenses - Iowa is good but they just gave up 31 points too) but Oregon's is the prettier version of it.  

Love our yardage but I also have a crush on Oregon's offense...