OT: Openings in PS3 Ncaa 13 Football Dynasty

Submitted by Brayden09 on January 29th, 2013 at 2:01 PM

We are currently looking to add 2 new users to our PS3 Ncaa 13 online dynasty. Our goal is to have 8 active users with 4 teams split into 2 conferences. Here is a brief description of the dynasty.

Teams taken : Utah, Clemson, FSU, TCU, Oklahoma State, Oregon

Team Allowed: Any 5 star or lower team. We are just starting season 5 so its based on where they currently sit within the dynasty.

Exempt teams : Alabama, LSU, USC, Texas, and Michigan. (we are all fans so its just easier to have them exempt.) We want you to have to build a team up a little.

Heisman difficulty, 6 min qtrs, some small slider adjustments.

About to advance to preseason tasks so  now would be a perfect time to join.

First come,first serve. I'll keep a waiting list also.

Leave your psn and I or the commish will contact you.