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I'm hoping this will serve as Tuesday's edition of the "anything other than 'CC'" thread, if only because I think we need one.  I'm definitely not taking anything away from people posting about the coaching change issue - the time for that is here and now and I'm all for it.  But maybe this thread can be an escape for those of you (like me) that cannot avoid MGoBlog for more than 10 minutes and feel overwhelmed by the information streaming in and the emotional rollercoaster, especially those of you (like me) that sit on your a-- at work all day.  So . . . without further adieu . . .

What's for lunch today?  Any good stories from the holiday season?  Anyone need a burning problem solved?  Any psychiatrists/psychologists out there that can help me with my mental problems?  How is the new semester treating you?  How is work going?  What's the weather like where you are?  Got any new photoshops to share?  Anyone need something proofread?  Anyone have any legal questions you need answered free of charge?

Anyone?  Bueller?

(Thanks in advance to the MODs for letting this one slide, if in fact you do so.)

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Keep Beckham out of Tottenham! He's old and washed up. Modric can handle this middle himself! How dare they consider taking touches away from the glorious ball handler that is Gareth Bale!



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good luck having anyone posting in here. everyone is so damned interested in creating a CC thread to either a) share their thoughts or b) post a link that expands upon slightly, if at all, on an already posted item bc it presents (insert name) angle. could easily just have 1 open thread to discuss Harbaugh stuff with all info and discussion in one easy to find place, with new threads created once the comments get to 250-300 but that wouldn't allow multiple spotlights i guess.


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This thread will be off the front page of the Board in about an hour but maybe it will be fun while it lasts?  Regardless, I'm in the "anything but work" mode yet again today and the "CC" topic has me emotionally and mentally exhausted.  Picture the pilot in Airplane that turns to into Jell-O.

Waters Demos

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but that wouldn't allow multiple spotlights i guess.

That's really the driving force behind duplicitous threads, IMHE.  "My opinion is too important to go unread in a 250-300 reply thread; it gets its own brand new thread where everyone will read it."

Then it turns into Oprah - "you get a new thread, you get a new thread; every-body-gets-a-new-thread!"


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Definitely true.  I haven't touched the "basis for the relief requested" section that includes all the caselaw citations in months for this particular motion.  That said, this is a pretty big matter (multi-millions involved) so I'm polishing the factual background and the actual relief being requested.  I thought that I'd never have to do this sh-t again once I moved in-house.  Boy was I wrong.  Now its all about reducing outside legal expenses which means I have to do a lot of that sh-t myself.  Brutal.


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Now that it's January, it's safe to look at the CCHA standings and get a sense of where Michigan is at.  Right now, it's an exceptionally tight race at the top, with Notre Dame, Michigan, and "The Dynasty" separated by just two points (Michigan does have a game in hand because the Big Chill was a one-off weekend).

Michigan and Michigan State play in a home and home this weekend (both games on TV, BTN Friday, FSN Detroit + on Saturday) and while Sparty has been struggling this year, I think it is exceptionally dangerous to take them for granted.  Every point is valuable, and while beating CC in the GLI will help with the common opponents comparisons in the <strike>RPI</strike> Pairwise with some WCHA teams, Michigan needs to hit the gas and tighten up on defense if it wants to make a serious run at the CCHA title and doing anything in the NCAA playoffs.


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for the holidays.  Every news interview with a native Floridian during the cold snap was an exercise in hilarity.


All of their cold-weather gear looks like it came straight from a Gerardo video.


For a week there, I was actually glad that I come from Southeast Michigan.  50's and sunny was totally fine with me.


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I think Jimmy John's is a must for lunch today. MmMmMm #4 Turkey Tom with no tomato and please add the dijon mustard. Oh and don't forget the salt and vinegar chips and a small Sprite.

Waters Demos

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Recently read a New Yorker article about how the more energy efficient appliances and cars are, the worse for the environment.

It's called the "Jevons" thesis, and it states that as things become more energy efficient, they also become more productive, and, therefore, cheaper.  If things are cheaper, more people can afford to buy them; therefore, increased consumption not only wipes out whatever gains energy efficiency creates, but exceeds them by causing more pollution than there was to begin with.  Solution?  Make things less efficient so that fewer can afford to buy them.  Sounds crazy to me. 

That's not a "CC" topic. 


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I thought the cowbells gave an unfair home field advantage to MSU.

They drowned out the Michigan band or any of our cheers by ringing those bells.

The signs on the stadium said "no noise makers or horns".

The bowls should enforce this or Michigan fans should bring a vuvuzela to the next bowl.


Desmonlon Edwoodson

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Anyone have any news on Donnovan Kirk?

Possible 3-4 star Country Day big man looking to transfer out of Miami?

Several people have said the decision would come soon and UM is in play...?

Number 7

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I hear the Campus Coordinator for Colorado College wears 200 cubic centimeters of Coco Chanel.

(Carbon copy: Chris Chambers, choir conductor for Christ Church)


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Hey Profit maybe since you recently have gone through this (according to me creepily remembering your posts), you can help maybe. Any tricks to getting your child to crawl? My son is nearly 5 months old and I know most kids don't crawl till around 6 months, but he's so damn close. Hes got great arm and leg strength, but he just lifts his torso up and kicks his legs feverishly. Any advice? Do you guide them somehow or just let them figure it out? I could prolly look this up elsewhere but I too need a CC break here at MgoBlog.



January 4th, 2011 at 10:15 AM ^

I don't remember doing anything proactive on my part other than just helping him by lifting his torso.  I also gave him a ton of positive reinforcement ("good job, buddy!").  I subscribe to the Pavlov's Dog philosophy of child rearing by using positive conditioning (not punishing) and it seems to be working so far . . . 

I think its all about them gaining the muscle strength to support their own weight.  There is definitely more involved when helping them walk - such a great time!


January 4th, 2011 at 10:27 AM ^

Thanks for the advice! Being a dad is really fun right now as you can attest. Getting so close to some great milestones, and he's developing everyday.  Cannot wait for him to start saying some words and walking (and hopefully growing hair!!! lol). It's something that's hard to picture until it happens, I think.

I totally agree with you on the positive reinforcement thing. I have had the luxury of being around my sister who has an 18 month old and she did the same thing and he is a great kid. Well behaved!

Oh and one more question. Any Harbaugh news in the last five minutes?


January 4th, 2011 at 10:42 AM ^

Right you are!  Once your little dude starts talking you are going to have great fun.  Hearing my son say "Denard" a few months ago was one of the highlights of fatherhood.  So funny.  Its also great to be able to ask him questions about what he wants/needs and him be able to answer (e.g. Are you hungry?  Did you have a good sleep/day/breakfast?)

What's that you say about Harbaugh?  Who?  Note that this thread I started an hour ago has already almost been pushed off the board . . .


January 4th, 2011 at 10:37 AM ^

I think you are on to something because whenever our cat walks up to him while he's on the floor his eyes light up and he tries soo hard to get to him.

I'm sure also that in a couple months when I am cleaning up his path of destruction I will long for the days when he was stationary haha.


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Open Thread?

Okay. I changed my front brake pads late last night on my Pontiac Bonneville. One of the hex screws was fastened so tightly that I actually broke a wrench attempting to loosening it. First time that I've changed the brake pads- they had been chirping, but I was surprised that there was as much of the pads left considering the amount of noise they were making. Oh, and pushing that piston back into the caliper was a bear.

I'll take it out for a tentative test drive later today. Hopefully it's all working well.

Thanks for the open thread!


January 7th, 2011 at 1:32 PM ^

Dude, Ive spent an hour before trying to push that caliper in only to realize it was a screw-in type. And once i forgot to pump them up before driving car and hit a tree. As much as brakes are a pain it's nothing compared to .....   thats right , different thread.