OT: One opening in NCAA 13 dynasty (PS3)

Submitted by Volverine on July 16th, 2012 at 5:31 PM

I know there's been a lot of talk about NCAA 13, but please forgive one more post. A dynasty I play in (with a bunch of other Michigan fans) has one spot remaining. We're all picking either 3 or 4 star teams and we're kind of sticking to ACC, SEC, and Pac-12 teams. 

Once again, this is for a PS3 online dynasty. Please send an email with your PSN to redwings8831 (at) yahoo 



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If you are interested in joining, the spot open is in the Pac-12 North (Cal or Oregon State). Send me an e-mail ([email protected]) and I'll give you more information.

We will be starting in a day or two (just waiting for the OS rosters to be done). This is a sim-style league and you will be booted for abusing the game play. We're looking for someone who will be realiable for the duration of the release.


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But seriously, when is someone going to start a Michigan video game blog? I find these posts annoying and lame, but so many of you don't so why hasn't someone started a Michigan video game blog yet? I'm not kidding, it might get a lot of traffic and I'm sure it would be linked here a lot.


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Not my point, I honestly don't have a problem with them, and I've never clicked on one until now. I was honestly giving a suggestion of something I think could be successful - a blog dedicated to NCAA dynasties and such. You could make it Michigan specific or have it apply to all fan bases. If I knew anything about video games (or making blogs) I'd do it. It's obvious there's a a demand.


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It's the offseason, and camp hasn't started yet.  We've speculated the upcoming season to death, our recruiting class is 95% full and the only cfb story is the disgusting Penn State situation.  There's just not much else to talk about right now...


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Anybody have more advice on strategy in the new game? I just put Hopkins in at starting running back in the 8th game of the season and he's a beast. I actually like him as the second best back on this roster. Anyone else having ridiculous problems with injuries? Denard and Fitz get hurt every game for me, and I'm wondering if there is a setting I can change without turning the injuries off... 

I read somewhere else that the i-form twins power left was a good play, and it kicks major ass. Any passing plays that seem to work really well? My old faithful stuff from last year isn't so faithful anymore. I also can't seem to get the edge in the running game. I can run straight up the middle pretty well, but they contain the edge twice as well as last year. 


July 17th, 2012 at 9:40 AM ^

I've had to take the middle and then break it to the outside at the second level. Fitz seems to do a pretty good job at this, but I've had trouble w/ Denard so far. As you said, keeps getting hurt.


For outside stuff, I have found that the speed option tends to work well. Better than 50% of the time it's good for a 5-10 yd gain. Obvious caveots apply w/ respect to defensive package and all that jazz. I still run the majority of my offense out of the shotgun and just try to intermix some short passes to open up the run game.

Ali G Bomaye

July 17th, 2012 at 11:45 PM ^

I don't have NCAA '13 yet, but in NCAA '12 I found it necessary to edit the injury ratings of Denard (and pretty much every other running QB) to make them more injury-resistant.  I know Denard gets beat up sometimes, but in NCAA '12 if you ran your QB 10 times a game it seemed like he was 50/50 to get an injury that would knock him out for a couple quarters or the rest of the game.