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Submitted by CLord on April 25th, 2013 at 4:50 PM

Verlander gives up just 2 runs over 7 innings and provides the Tigers a 1 run lead going into the 8th, and then in waltz a merry band of dysfunctional relievers to give up 6 runs over just 3…  Why do I feel I’ve seen this rodeo before?  I didn’t follow the off season that much but REALLY?  Wasn’t the bullpen the weak link and all we’ve done now is recycle Large Papi?  Where's the all things Tigers' bullpen rant thread?



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It is April.  Last year it was April as well.  Last year they were plagued by this and it killed them in the playoffs.  My hope is that Valverde is getting enough work to make him tradeable.  Get a bigger name with bigger contract that a team wants to shed.


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What?  It killed them in the Playoffs?  They made it to the World Series for godsake, at which point the STARTERS lost games 1, 2, and 3, and only game 4 was a bullpen loss (in extra innings).  I can only hope the bullpen kills us as much as it did last playoffs again this year. 


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Little early to panic here imo.  They are 20 games into the season and are at .500 which includes a 9 game west coast trip.  They play in a terrible division and have time to work things out without being run out of the race. 

Dotel has a minor injury, Rondon was called up, and Villareal sent down.  They're moving some pieces around.  If they can get a starter to go 6 with the lead, I like their chances with Al-Al and Benoit, although time will tell with Papa Grande.  But with the season being so young, finding another option in the event the potato falters is still very much in play.



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I'm not complaining about our pen because I knew it was going to suck before the season. It was wretched for 80% of the regular season last year. They pitched well down the stretch and in the playoffs (other than Valverde), but that's it. We didn't really add anyone so it's not a surprise in the least bit for me. I imagine we'll make at least one deal for a bullpen arm. 


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5 hits isn't always going to get you a win. Relax buddy baseball is a marathon not a sprint, totally cliche but so true, ask the White Sox what happens when you forget to play the last 2 weeks.


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I get that the bullpen is bad, but the lack of offense is a lot more frustrating to me. With this line up they should be able to put up a hell of a lot more runs than they've been.


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with giving up on some pitchers.  Fernando Rodney and Grilli have went from the Tigers to other teams and done very well while we still look for people to do just what they are doing .


As for Coke...he is only on this team because he is left-handed. Simple as that.


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To be fair, Grilli hasn't exactly been an shining star since departing Detroit.  He had an ERA over 5 in '09, was out of MLB in '10, pitched only 30 innings in '11.  He had a solid year last year, though nothing like Rodney, and so far so good this year, but far too soon to say the Tigers made a mistake on him. 

And, honestly, Rodney wasn't all that great either until last year with the Rays.  His period with the Angels was nothing special.....until last season, Valverde was outperforming Fernando. 


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I hate it when people reveal the outcome of a game in the title!  I record the games and watch them later.  Can't you make it vague and bitch in the subject?


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but the fact remains that they have done very well since leaving the Tigers while we keep giving away games with the likes of Villeral....Coke...Downs...Below...the list is seemingly endless.


I always really liked Rodney so i am a little biased towards him.


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To the OP, you need to take a step off the ledge and realize that it's April and there are literally 5 months left in the regular season.

No baseball team has ever gone undefeated, and even the best teams usually end up with 50+ losses. Some of those losses will be frustrating. Just relax and wait out the downturns. This team will win.