OT - Olympics Day 8 (Live/Spoilers)

Submitted by MGoBender on August 4th, 2012 at 11:05 AM

Lithuania just hit a 3 to go up two with 6 to go.  Now up 2 with 5:45 to go.

Some pretty terrible defense by USA throughout.  That and poor three point shooting have made this one a barn burner.

EDIT: US pulls away after finally hitting some threes.

EDIT 2: Changed title to cover all Olympics for the day.

And how about Serena making Sharapova look silly?



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US finally starts hitting threes.  That and a couple turnovers has put them relatively safely ahead 7 with 2:29 to go.

Dream Team this is not, however.

MGJS SuperKick Party

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It was nice to see LeBron and Kevin Durant get scoring today. Carmelo has been tearing it up, but he always plays well in international games, I think it's due to his skill set and size.

I think this team could run with the 1992 dream team. The 1992 was much bigger on the post, but the 2012 team is more athletic.


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Would not blow out quality teams like Argentina, Spain, Russia, etc. the quality of competition now is so much better than in '92.

One international player that the dream team cannot stop is Sabonis who was basically unstoppable when he can move. He was the team but if he had some NBA players like Spain, Argentina has now, it would be a much closer game


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While the competition is worlds better, this US team is still fundamentally flawed.  To over-simplify, they play lazy defense.  They get killed by the pick and roll and there's rarely weakside rotation.

That coupled with their streaky outside shooting... they have issues.

snarling wolverine

August 4th, 2012 at 8:29 PM ^

Streaky outside shooting?  The 2012 team is shooting 44.1% from downtown through four games.  The 1992 team shot 37.3%.

The '92 team had weaknesses, too.  It was even more streaky from the perimeter (Barkley shot 7-8, the rest of the team 34% from downtown).  There were a lot of guys on that team who frankly didn't didn't play much defense (Bird, Magic, Barkley and Mullin come to mind).  They would have a size advantage over the '12 team, but the '12 team has more athleticism.  It would be a close contest.


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You both have excellent points and the entire topic makes for an interesting discussion.

Are the Paralympics a “secondary” event for only people less able to compete, and does competing in the Olympics give an unfair advantage over other Paralympians in the Paralympics. Sounds like a good topic for a thread itself.

Leaders And Best

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What a tournament for USA Tennis. Serena Williams obliterated Sharapova for gold in Women's Singles, and now the Bryan twins take gold in Men's Doubles.  And they will be playing for at least 2 more medals tomorrow (possibly 3) in Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles.


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Interesting development in cycling.  After getting off to a bad start in the team sprint, a British cyclist (Philip Hindes) crashed, allowing the team to re-start.  The team then rode a flawless race and won gold.  After the race, Hindes admitted he crashed on purpose. The IOC is letting them keep the gold.  Good decision?


Now that the IOC has thrown out badminton players out for sabotaging themselves to get a better draw, it seems like this has to be reviewed, but apparently it won't be.  Double-standard for the host country?



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Looking forward to ROK (South Korea) v. the host country, Great Britain

Ready to crack open an IPA sitting in the fridge.

In the interim, 4th qtr of UTL on ESPNU! 

snarling wolverine

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Russia upsets Spain in men's basketball.  Russia is now likely to win Group B and could be our opponent in the gold-medal game.  1972 rematch, anyone?

The Spain-Brazil game two days from now will be interesting.  The winner will be in 2nd place in Group B and the loser 3rd, but in this case, finishing 3rd means avoiding the U.S. in the semis.  Both teams might try to tank.  




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Man I cannot find a stream for swimming, and as long as I'm calculating the time difference correctly, PHelps' last event starts in 5 minutes.  Someone please help me out on this and you'll have my eternal gratitude.

Edit:  Found one: http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/133775/1/watch-olympic:-swimming---finals.html

It's a CTV stream which I'm not thrilled with but oh well, I just wanna be able to see it live.

Edit 2:  I think there's a slight delay in their coverage.  Medal ceremony for the Men's 1500 is on right now and according to the BBC schedule, that ended like 20 minutes ago.


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Entertaining 1st half: 1-1 draw.  Korea opens the scoring, 2 successive PKs for Britain (handball, sloppy tackle in the box) results in G.Bs equalizer.

Doc Brown

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Man the British suck at PK's. 

Dathan Ritzenhein is my boy from high school (family friend) and he did well in the 10k. However, Galen Rupp is a beast in the 10k. First taking down Pre's 10K american record and now winning silver.