OT: Olympics Day 7 - There be Spoilers Here!

Submitted by M-Wolverine on August 2nd, 2012 at 12:11 PM

Not a lot to follow so far this morning (edit: Field Hockey's blue and pink field is hurting my eyes), but this afternoon the pixies start flipping again, and some big races at the pool later.



August 2nd, 2012 at 12:25 PM ^

Go Korea; more golds in shooting things!

If the middle ages come back, Korea will be a world power!  Golds in fencing, archery, judos, pistol/rifle stuff


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Of course America is only best at the sports involving big balls. The US men are only good when the balls are played by hand, though the US women have a deft touch with their feet as well. Sports involving tiny balls are dominated by the Chinese, at least until 2016 when golf is added. I hear a Swiss guy is a real wizard with fuzzy balls.


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Kayla Harrison becomes first American to win gold in Judo. Silver medalist was also impressive - a British woman fighting above her normal weight class and basically entered as a spot filler ends up surprising everyone and making the final. Final was no contest though - Harrison seemed to dominate.


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...win the first ever USA Gold in Women's Judo (she competes at 78 kg). She defeated a home town Londoner in the final and pretty much dominated her. I'd expect we'll see the bout in prime time, especially as Harrison's story is made for TV. She was sexually abused by her judo coach in Ohio from age 13-16 (he's since been sentenced to 10 years for his crimes).


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...going to win All Around Gold. In the lead before the final rotation, she just nailed her floor routine. Allie Raisman has some work to do to move from 5th to the medals podium.


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Mustafina from RUS for third, but it appears that she may lose the tie breaker and finish 4th, which would be major BS. Gabby wins Gold.


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There's a tiebreaker for this?!  For an organization that won't let all of the best compete, because they want to give other people a chance to win medals, the same score to the thousandth of a point isn't a good enough tie?  What are they going to do, bring in the men's pommel horse and whoever gets the higher score on that gets the bronze?  Or, since it's the FIG, it's probably "Who has less medals in the Games so far, we need to distribute them as equally as possible, so everybody can feel good!"


August 2nd, 2012 at 2:32 PM ^

According to wikipedia, the lowest of the gymnast's four scores is eliminated, and the scores of the 3 remaining events are added up to determine the winner.

Mustafina:  15.233 + 16.100 + 14.600 + (13.633) = 45.933

Raisman:  15.900 + 14.333 + 15.133 + (14.200) = 45.366

So because the Russian's screwup was worse than the American's screwup, Mustafina gets the Bronze.



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Never thought I enjoy watching badminton quite as much as I did. Have always loved to play at cookouts and stuff, but it was a blast to watch.


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others covered the phelps/clary/lochte news... might as well make mention that rebecca soni continued her dominance in the 200m breaststroke... set a new world record after setting it in the semis. she successfully defended her 2008 gold in the same event...

snarling wolverine

August 2nd, 2012 at 6:26 PM ^

Wow - Great Britain nearly knocks off Spain in men's basketball (79-78 final).  That would have been an absolute shocker.

And then the U.S. drops 49 (!!!) points in the first quarter against Nigeria.  These are 10-minute quarters, mind you.  Insane.