OT: Ole Miss-Mississippi St. Twitter battle

Submitted by wresler120 on January 20th, 2013 at 11:13 PM

An interesting tweet battle took place today involving Tim Brewster (Wide Reciver coach at Miss. St.) and Ole Miss assistant coach Chris Kiffin. Tim Brewster sent a tweet public insinuating that Chris Kiffin was leaving Ole Miss for the Dallas Cowboys. Chris Kiffin responded by saying he was not leaving Ole Miss, and this prompted the Ole Miss AD to jump on twitter and squash the rumor by basically calling Brewster a liar.

This brings up the issue with Twitter, and how far is too far. When coaches and players accounts are public, everyone can see their tweets. Twitter can be used to quickly spread rumors, evidenced by the exchange that took place today. This gives coaches an opportunity to quickly spread a rumor, causing those committed to re-think their decision.

Do you feel there should be repercussions on coaches that blatantly start rumors such as this one? The NCAA needs to put rules in place to ensure coaching staffs are not spreading rumors on twitter whcih could hurt a recruiting class. I personally think its classless for a coach to bash another coach, or start lies. Alot of these kids are on edge with their decisions as is, and things like this have could have an impact.







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Dear OP:

Twitter,when used responsibly by mature, well-intention adults is a wonderful way to convey much needed information to other individuals.  I wouldn't worry too much about placing any sort of restrictions on its use in college football of all places.  I think young adults should all know how to handle social media responsibly given their exposure to e-communication methods basically since birth.

Keep on keeping on!



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Twitter can be used in many inappropriate ways, e.g. when Mark Hollis tweets at Trey Burke, or someone uses a hashtag like #bringagun.  If you bring about the topic of NCAA regulation of Twitter for negative recruiting, you have to discuss the regulation of public forums as a whole for NCAA-related issues.  

The issue doesn't seem to be negatively recruiting or starting rumors (because that's always going to happen regardless of the medium) but rather using improper, i.e. public, outlets to engage in questionable behavior.  And if the NCAA wants to attempt to regulate what is and isn't appropriate...good luck.


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Interviewing a CFL coach is almost as bad as hiring one! I guess it's time to accept the reality of the Cleveland Browns coaching situation pending the results of the next few seasons. Open questions going forward:


1. Defensive roster management. The Browns have a decent 4-3 setup. How will it fare in an aggressive multiple-looks system? How good is the secondary against top shelf New England and Denver passing attacks? Mangini beat the Patriots one year with a far weaker roster than the one Shurmur had to work with, and Shurmur's on-field results were scarcely better than Mangini's.

2. McCoy or Weeden? Are either of these players capable of the "downfield passing attack" Chudzinski wants to implement? The receivers are maturing nicely, even with the schematic disadvantage of Shurmurball.

3. Phil Dawson. Can Norv Turner no longer require Cleveland to make him their primary scoring threat given their long history of red zone futility? Will he even stay?

4. Chudzinski was a 3-year starter at TE for Miami (The U). He won 2 national titles there. Now my Browns coach has forced me to hope that those teams were truly as legit as advertised.

Let there be SLAVBALL!