OT: Ole Miss Gets Additional One-Year Bowl Ban, Other Sanctions

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Here it is (from an Ole Miss source, not officially from NCAA yet). One additional year for Ole Miss, meaning Shea Patterson and Greg Little, and all other Ole Miss rising juniors, will not be immediately eligible via transfer. Patterson wasn't coming anyways, but all that were still holding out hopes can officially put those to rest.





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Oh yeah I see that, I think the article just failed to specify properly. Some Ole Miss players are free to transfer without penalty, but not all - only those entering their final year of eligibility. That's the accurate description of the consequences of this ruling.


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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">NCAA spokeswoman Stacey Osborne confirmed to ESPN that Ole Miss seniors will be allowed to transfer without penalty because of the postseason ban for 2018. According to NCAA rules, &quot;It is not necessary for an institution to obtain permission in writing... <a href="https://t.co/qNkjnxLCXd">https://t.co/qNkjnxLCXd</a></p>&mdash; Mark Schlabach (@Mark_Schlabach) <a href="https://twitter.com/Mark_Schlabach/status/936627528403480577?ref_src=tw…">December 1, 2017</a></blockquote>
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Per NCAA Bylaw 14.7.2 paragraph (c):

"On the recommendation of the Committee on Infractions, for a student-athlete who transfers to a member institution to continue the student-athlete’s opportunity for full participation in a sport because the student athlete’s original institution was placed on probation by the NCAA with sanctions that would preclude the institution’s team in that sport from participating in postseason competition during all of the remaining seasons of the student-athlete’s eligibility (see also Bylaw"

As a result, only the juniors will be eligible to transfer.

O S Who

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my understanding is no. the players needed to be uneligble for a bowl game for the rest of their eligibility. since they only added another year, greg little and shea patterson would be eligible to play in a bowl game the year after next


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The ability to transfer isn't based on a set, arbitrary number - you can't just transfer if it's a 2 year ban no matter what year you are in. The ban has to span the remainder of your eligibility to be able to transfer without sitting out. That means that kids in their final year of eligibility next year can transfer freely. Others cannot.


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Do you have actual numbers about the percentage of players who are eligible for a grad transfer for their last year of eligibility?

It would be interesting to see how many starters fit in that category. There are a lot of players on most teams who have no realistic expectation of playing in the NFL so they are probably fairly diligent about academic progression, but those aren't the players Michigan looks to for a grad transfer.


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See here an article that apparently current Miss St linebacker Leo Lewis took $10,000 each from both Ole Miss AND Miss State. Of course, the NCAA won't do crap, remain hypocritical, and let the SEC skate by with its bagmen. 

L'Carpetron Do…

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This scandal should have far-reaching implications for other SEC programs. The fact that Mississippi State was also involved is intriguing. They should be in serious trouble too. The tentacles of this scandal could be long and slimy.

Considering these players were top recruits and were being pursued by a bunch of other teams, I imagine lots of other stories will come out. While this was a mostly internal scandal (Nutt vs Freeze) I wonder if Ole Miss is ticked off at Miss St and other conference foes and if they'll rat them all out. If you're going down for some shit that everyone else is doing, might as well take 'em all down with ya. I imagine many other players were paid much more than the $10,000 that Lewis received. I bet LSU, Alabama, Auburn and Florida aren't squeaky clean and are sweating bullets right now.

All of this, of course, if the NCAA feels like doing anything about it. There are likely  other dominoes ready to fall - the NCAA just has to push one.


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24 total scholarships (between sanctions and self-imposed) over probably 4 years will also help to cripple the team.

They were 6-6 this year, scholarship limits and the view of the program's effect on recruiting will likely drop them down to a 4-8 or 3-9 team for the next few years which will be hard to come back from.


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know as Michigan fans how bad a football team can become when you don't have a full 85 scholarship players regardless of talent... not sticking up for him but was RR sitting around 65 and 70 scholarship players for the 3 years he was here??? I don't think that his 2008 team had a full 85...

Mr Miggle

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You have late transfers and other attrition. Signing day decisions that go the other way. Non-qualifiers are always going to be an issue at Ole Miss, probably more so than at most Power 5 schools. They were willing to take those risks in trying to keep up with more attractive SEC programs. Now that paying recruits is off the table for a few years, they'll do more of it.

Starting with 6 fewer spots to fill will hurt Ole Miss. It certainly gives less margin for error in recruiting and the factors above will still apply.

RR's 1st season saw a ton of attrition. I don't think it was much of an an issue the next two seasons, but it contributed to the unbalanced recruiting classes that we still see.




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If he didn’t, that’s probably his own fault as it is anyone else’s. He could have probably fairly easily brought some of his WV recruits with him and/or offered some of the higher ranked guys he went after before. I mean he was able to go down the wire with OSU for Terrelle Pryor.

If you can get in on the #1 overall player in the country that the previous staff had no interest in, I’m sure you could get a handful of mid-upper 3* guys to fill your available slots.