OT: Oklahoma State Vs. Iowa State

Submitted by LSAClassOf2000 on November 18th, 2011 at 8:20 PM

0-0 with 9 minutes and some change to go in the first quarter, but Iowa State threatening. This might be the first time on a weeknight this month that ESPN has not shown MAC action. 



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I have to sound crass, but the whole "Women's basketball team" tragedy bit sounded really forced.  I wish they could just talk about it without sounding like the football was rending their hair over it.  I have a hard time believe the womens basketball coach and the fooball players had some kind of deep, emotional bond that leaves them seperated.  I'd have really just gone for a tribute piece instead of 10 minutes of "look how sad the football players are".


November 19th, 2011 at 10:17 AM ^

One of my daughters is an MSU grad, another is a student at OSU (not tOSU)--we live in Oklahoma.  Last year she worked serving food to the athletes.  The football team and men's and women's basketball teams eat together.  They are the full scholarship athletes who get the top shelf food.  My daughter says the assistant coaches often eat  there as well, including men's and women's basketball coaches, but rarely head football coach Mike Gundy, so most of the football players would have at least seen the women's basketball coaches.


 OSU has a bye week next week, so their next game is against OU--OSU's biggest game of the year, every year (OU's biggest game is Texas), and of course with both teams as highly ranked as they are, this year's game is especially big, making this game a huge trap game for OSU to start with.  Also, OSU has been spotty.  They look unstoppable against some teams and mediocre against others.  They will have their hands full with OU.

Wisconsin Wolverine

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I've got the game on because there's nothing better for me to do until bar time.  I have my favorite couch & a slow infusion of alcohol into the bloodstream ... all I can think about is beating Nebraska.  I love saturdays.


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The way to start a drive after a fumble recovery against the #2 team in the country is NOT a false start penalty. It makes it look like, "Awesome. We got the ball. Now what?"


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You know, Virginia Tech played a weeknight game on ESPN last night.

So it hasn't really been that long since ESPN showed a non-MAC weeknight game

Zone Left

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LSU/Alabama/Arkansas is going to murder everyone on Oklahoma State if OK State makes the title game. This is a disaster--and they're up 10-0.

Edit: 10-7.


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Oklahoma State up at the half, which ended in a clusterf*ck of fairly obscure rules, such  as the half  being unable to end on a defensive penalty, but since it was a dead ball,  the half CAN end....point being, it's halftime. 

BOX House

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Weeden's Heisman chances should be done after this. Also, I don't really like the idea that someone who is 28 years old, which is OLDER than Aaron Rodgers, can win the Heisman. 


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i think ok st. has been poor defensively - but has been able to offset that with creating turnovers.

also, how good do you have to be defensively when you average 50+ a game?

as i type this - OK St - INT