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After nine years in prison, OJ Simpson has been granted parole for an armed robbery in a Nevada hotel.  I did not think he stood a chance after he closed his presentation with "you go ahead and stamp your form sonny, because to tell you the truth, I really don't give a shit."  But I guess it worked.

Can't say I am particularly surprised.  That was a really hefty sentence for this particular offense.  He was rumored to be involved in something else, though, IIRC.



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son had serious problems with anger management, did not get along with Nicole, and had previously been arrested with a knife in his possession. It is highly unlikely, but it has been theorized. It would explain the blood in the Bronco if his son either was driving the Bronco or if OJ assisted him trying to cover up his involvement after the fact. It would also make sense that OJ would go to prison before he gave him up. Once again, this is not likely. It is pretty much the only remotely plausible alternate theory I have heard.


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disagree with that at all.  I was only saying that it is a passable theory. 

There is something that does not quite add up about OJ as the murderer.  It has always been theorized that OJ killed Nicole and Ron Goldman in a furious bout of rage upon finding her with Ron, due primarily to the overkill nature of the murders and the furious temper that OJ had shown in the past.  However, the murderer that night allegedly wore a nitted cap, all black to avoid being seen, gloves, etc.  

Addditionally, nearly everybody close to both of them has made no secret of the fact that Nicole was not shy with men in the time since she and OJ had split, and that he was well aware, given their frequent interactions with each other that she was with other men.  This was not a suprise to him, as he too had multiple girlfriends after the split.  There was no evidence admitted at trial, nor that exists to my knowledge, that OJ had been stalking Nicole after their split nor that their respective romantic endeavors had been the source or any friction between them after their split. 

So, how are these things reconciled?  You have a "uncontrollable rage" killing where the murderer took the time during this fit of rage to outfit himself with a nitted winter hat and gloves on a hot summer night in LA.  And this rage resulted from the sight of another man  entering his ex-wife's house, when her being with other men was well known to everybody, including the murderer, for quite some time?   

Motive and method have never matched up.  Even the prosecution could not make it make sense in their presentation.  Was he cold and calculating, picking just the right time to pounce after suiting up for this endeavor?  Or did he fly off the handle upon seeing something that sent him into a bout of rage?  The prosecution tried to gloss over the glaring inconsistency, essentially arguing both theories at the same time.

That is the one thing that stands out about the Simpson case that has never felt right and the only reason for a shred of lingering doubt in my mind.  Is that doubt "reasonable?"  I am not sure.  The jury thought so.


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overwhelming unless you think the incompetent LA cops planted all of it the night of the murder. Remember the bloody Bruno Maglia shoes in the civil tiral? Also, what about the woman OJ nealry crashed into the night of the murder in his panic to return home to catch the plane ride?  She was not called to testify because she sold her story to a tabloid.  What about the cut on his finger and OJ never asking the cops how Nicole died when they called him to tell him of her death in Chicago? The prosecution was incompetent-never should have allowed the trial to be in LA, etc.  Also, "the jury thought so?"  One dismissed juror said that jury had its mind made up long before most of the testimony.


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watched some of it and could not believe he said that.  Also, he was laughing at awkward times, interrupting the hearing officers, and not really accepting any responsibility for the crime (weird, right?).  I thought it was pretty likely he would get paroled going into it but after watching it for a minute I thought he was going to talk himself back into prison.


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He did have the victim testify on his behalf. Dude called OJ a good man and said he would pick up Juice from prison himself, so think that more than made up for not nailing the tone.

It was a weird scene and I think everyone was a little uncomfortable with all the cameras, which interjected some humor on both sides into the affair. OJ definitely took a big step down with his representation.

Shout out to the Nevada prison official who decided he would wear a black suit, black shirt and KC Chiefs tie for his 15 minutes. #1 fan right there. 

Goggles Paisano

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I forgot he was in jail.  I don't really care one way or another about his parole, but I wonder what Vegas will set the over/under at that he does something stupid and ends up back in prison.