OT: Ohio Sex Offender and Super Fan Arrested

Submitted by Phil Davison on May 7th, 2012 at 6:16 PM

Per Bruce Feldman and Luke Zimmerman via Twitter


"The Charles Eric Waugh saga has come to its logical conclusion. As first pointed out by twitter user Bryan McClure (ironically by mass/spam messaging multiple sports and college football writers), Waugh was formally booked in the Boyd County Detention Center on one count of probation violation and another for failing to comply with the sexual offender registration.

Waugh could still additionally face a Class A misdemeanor for his use of social networks with members under the age of 18 and coupled with the two other charges should turn into prison time (particularly considering that he was previously allowed to avoid any for agreeing to the probation in the first place).

While the ramifications (including but not limited to Alex Anzalone's decommitment) continue to linger and it remains probable that the events of the last week turn into a cautionary tale for college athletic departments across the country, hopefully this is the last time we hear of Waugh."






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or he's got some sort of bizarre death wish, because guys with his rap sheet don't fare too well in prison.


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This is one of the reasons lawyers get a bad rap; for every dumbass who breaks the law in terrifying and PAINFULLY obvious ways, there's a lawyer who has to defend his moronic, perverted ass.

I refer you to the advice of legal expert Jim Carrey:


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Waugh's email to Urban Meyer just before booking:

So does this mean the offer to be your recruiting coordinator is off the table?


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it was sad that it had to happen, and something like this was going to happen eventually...


but if God came to me personally and asked me "Steviebrownforheisman, this has to happen to ONE school... who must it be?"



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....I have given away far too much in my username. He knows when I finished my undergraduate degrees and could easily find me in  the alumni directory thanks to my Twitter username in my signature line. I should have gone with "LSAClassOf2001" so He would be looking in the wrong directory. 


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There is undoubtedly information concerning this individual's activities vis-a-vis OSU recruits and players that the public hasn't received.  I am hoping the legal process which will now begin to provide the entire story.  For example, will the prosecution get him to roll-over on someone at OSU who enabled the contacts with the under-age players?  We haven't seen the end of this saga.


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So you think the school that successfully blocked both the NCAA and ESPN from seeing emails they didnt wish to reveal and basically stonewalled everyone (again successfully) from digging any deeper than they wished them to go during the Claret, Smith and Pryor investigations is NOW going to reveal how this perv got access to their recruits.  

You're funny.  I'm sorry but you probably HAVE seen the end of this saga....unfortunately.


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Fair enough.  How about "to this point successfully"?

But given that it will require the Ohio courts to rule in favor of ESPN at the expense of the beloved buckeyes in a state where judicial officials are elected I may have been premature but I'll be happy to stand by my prediction.


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Most of the other cases involve the press or the public seeking information pertaining to a civil matter such as an NCAA investigation.  If prosecutors in a criminal case seek University records which may be relevant to the discovery of information relevant to the criminal case, they can get a judge to issue a warrant for it.  FERPA permits such disclosures with due notice to the student and their parent.  Once those records are filed in court, they are usually subject to public disclosure subject to a special order issued by a judge to keep them sealed.  In this case the prosecutors should be seeking phone and email records between the defendant and OSU phone numbers and email addresses, at the least.


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You are seriously saying that an OSU employee had something to do with this?  That someone in the AD texted with a sex offender and said "hey, there are some underage kids that might be coming to Ohio State next year.  They are at a BW3 off campus, you should go and meet with them".  This is seriously what you are suggesting?  And you think that there is evidence to justify a warrant to prove this?