OT: Oh yeah, Lance Armstrong said stuff of mild importance tonight.

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Well, technically Monday, but you all know what I mean.  Here is one of those fancy internet linky-ma-jiggers to an ESPN article with a few highlights of the interview.  I was pretty blown away with how openly he confirmed just about everything she threw at him.  He couldn't help himself with his little jab at the USADA for their report on his '09-'10 tour, but overall he seemed to put the onus on himself.  I still think he's a big fat jerkface, but, at least now he admitted as much.  Thoughts from the MGoCommunity?  I will also accept answers such as "WOOOOO BIG 10 ROAD WIN LOLPHERS" because obviously.



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Cycling is a lot better than it was. Still has problems, but it is scientifically evident that performances have decreased since Armstrong's day. There were a few people clean in his day, too, but nobody knows them because they weren't competitive.

FYI don't throw stones too far. I think the NFL and NBA are loaded with dirt, too.


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When the tour was going on and they would be all "they re up in the saddles" or "it's a time trial" and you would be all "is this a lance givestrong thing?" And they would be all "we'll, lance is the team captain, but I am really more of a fan of Tyler somebody because..." And then you would tune them out. Remember how bad tou wanted to kick them in the nuts? But you didn't because the whole reason they liked bike riding in the first place was the lack of physical contact. Well, this is like lance kicking them in the nuts for you. And when i talk to them about it now I always ask about how their darling Tyler is dijng and how I always thought he was a better cheater anyway.


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God forbid that someone has interests that are different than yours.                                                                                                                                              


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He spent so many years covering it up and denying it all—why come clean now? Blackmail? Does he have cancer again and he's trying to make amends?


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...time for him to attempt to implicate Ochowicz, Weisel, the labs and the UCI under oath and portray himself as a mere participant. I think last night's "I won't talk about others" strategy was to try elicit sympathy... In another venue and under oath, we might see details emerge which might reduce his financial exposure.


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I figured it was because she found out the truth and that she didn't want to live the lies.  I certainly didn't believe anyone could be such a douchebag as to have survived cancer and as soon as your girlfriend is diagnosed you dump them.


But it looks like Lance is in fact that much of a douchebag.

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To me, this interview established him as one of the biggest douches I have ever heard of.  I mean it is one thing to lie about PEDs to protect his cause, humanitarianism, and organization, but for his selfish motives, I mean come on.  He ruined numerous lives and careers in order to protect hs image that in my mind will never be repaired.  I really do feel for his teammates that had to put up with him and actually came to know him as a friend but were ultimately betrayed in the long run... Here is an article about who the real Lance is, and he has not only betrayed those fighting cancer, but he has also destroyed a national fan base in which we had all come to know and admire because of his "determination." Shame.



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I loved watching Lance in the tour. So many great memories. They all doped an unfortunately it got to the point where you dope or you lose. Not much different than baseball during the same period. But he's an ass for how he treated his former teammates or anyone that came forward.


January 18th, 2013 at 12:01 AM ^

What's amazing to me is how this is the sidestory in the sport's world right now. With the Teo scandal/what-the-hell-is-going-on-here-ordeal I just would never have guessed that this sack of shit and his one testicle could admit to cheating for all these years and it would be second place in terms of shock value in sports today.

Either way, glad to see him fall, when a story is too good to be true, it's most likely too good to be true.

P.S. --- I hope his charity changes its name.