OT: Officially official? A&M to SEC? will begin playing in 2012 (definitely not B12)

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Via the twitters Joe Schad



frankthetank111 Frank the Tank 
Looks like Texas A&M will start #SEC play in the 2012 season.
Joe Schad
schadjoe Joe Schad 
Texas A&M says it's seeking visibility and financial stability
Joe Schad
schadjoe Joe Schad 
Texas A&M plans to leave Big 12 next June, 2012
Joe Schad
schadjoe Joe Schad 
Texas A&M formally announces it is applying to another conference (Yes, the SEC)



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links and substance versus first poster to put it up counts...



 Joe Schad 

 Joe Schad 

 Joe Schad 

it is UNCONFIRMED it is to SEC - at this point A&M just wants out of the Big 12


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on the rush to be first post versus adding content *shrug* not to mention that it's not "official" A&M to the SEC - the story being A&M is simply leaving the Big 12. Hell, they might just go to the Big East or Mountain West



"I have determined it is in the best interest of Texas A&M to make application to join another athletic conference," Texas A&M president R. Bowen Loftin, who was authorized by regents to act on behalf of the university regarding conference affiliation on August 15, wrote in a letter to Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe on Wednesday.



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Because it will be bigger!*  I think that the Big Ten should add ND, the MAC, the remainder of the Big 12, and Goldman Sachs.  That will show those jerks in the SEC who's boss. 


EDIT: If it accepts A&M - and why wouldn't it?  It would make the conference bigger


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Well reading his tweets he mentioned that they are leaving the Big 12 formally and applying to the SEC. That does not mean they will be accepted. Earlier the SEC basically told them to hold off until a further date (probably looking for someone to pair them with that would also help the SEC) and apply later.


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The announcement was that A&M is leaving the Big Twelvish, contingent upon acceptance into a new conference. Obviously no fool would make that announcement without being sure they had a safe landing place, but the actual announcement (or perhaps even vote) by the SEC hasn’t happened yet.


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Check out Slive's quote at the bottom of the ESPN article.  He says the SEC has a stringent policy -- every member has annual dues to pay.  $50 a year.

And "some are in arrears."  Too funny.


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To put this into perspective for Michigan fans - 

Michigan - Texas

Michigan State - Texas A&M

Ohio State - Oklahoma

The B12 as a conference allowed Texas to make it's own Longhorn network and share in a (majorly) disproportionate share of the league's profits.  Texas A&M gets pissed, makes a wise decision to explore other opportunities, and leaves.  OU is now left holding the bag - the second highest "earner" in that conference, but still cannot touch Texas.

Could you ever imagine a similar structure in the B10 where Michigan controls everything, State leaves, and OSU (likely) begins to explore its options to leave?  What a freaking mess.  


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already have 2 replacements?  So I guess we'll see what comes of that and who those replacements are but supposedly they are a package deal and wouldn't come unless it was together.  Apparently they also want to stay at <12 teams so that they don't have to have a championship game.  


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this might have been applicable.  However, I think the difference now between the Big 10 and Big 12 is that while the Big 12 has 2 hot shots in Texas and OU (although OU probably doesn't have the draw to form their own network like Texas) and A&M a distant 3rd, the Big 10 is more evenly divided.  While OSU and UM are comparable to Texas and OU, there are plenty of other teams that would be comparable to A&M (MSU, Iowa, Wisky, PSU and now Nebraska).


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This is why the people who keep saying that Texas is perfect for the Big Ten are idiots. Bringing them in would be like one of those stupid faux-reality shows where a houseful of 20-something guys and girls who are paired up nicely with no real problems decide to let a smokin' red-hot single babe move in. All of a sudden jewelry and cash start disappearing, and then one by one the guys all start banging her when their erstwhile GFs are out shopping. You know how it's going to end.


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Don, I'm getting the feeling OU 's getting ready to jump to the PAC12, either with Texas if they'll give up on the LHN or without and take OSU along,  or also bring OSU plus TT and Mizzou. I'd be interested in your opinion, and also what you're hearing  about what happens to Mizzou and what they're thinking.

Kinda hoped for a response from you on my OU post in last A&M thread, since there's notmany other Big8 people that post here. :)


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struggled to have football success in the Big 12.   How the heck are they going to compete in the  SEC.


Not that it matters

TAM hasn't beaten an SEC team since 1995 when they finished their long series with LSU.  Since then a meager 0-6.  Outside of their LSU series, their record vs the other SEC teams is only about 6-25 or close to it.


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That really doesn't matter in Texas. Texas will continue to pick whomever they want in the state. It may help when aTm recruits against OU for the next set of players, but those schools don't overlap that much in terms of recruiting territory. What it may do is allow aTm to get some of the recruits from east Texas that have gone to the SEC schools.


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If I were Texas I'd strongly consider - after gauging the feelings of the money-giving alums - telling A&M to piss off and forget about ever playing the Longhorns again.  A&M wants out because it wants out of the shadow of Texas.  You can bet this Longhorn Network has a lot to do with it.  They feel like the playing field is going to tilt even further toward Austin and they want to find a way to tilt it back.  That's fine, but from UT's point of view what A&M wants is to have its cake and eat it too - they don't want to play nice with the rest of the Big 12, but they sure want the advantage (think: money) that comes from playing Texas.  I'd have to think about saying "either you take the bad with the good or you take nothing, but you're not going to take your ball and go home except for when it's convenient for you."