OT: Official Ken Holland contract extension NEGBANG

Submitted by American Hotel on April 7th, 2018 at 6:38 PM
2 more years. Blashill's fate TBD.



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I mean what happened in Detroit is what’s happening in Chicago.

They signed their core of the glory days to long term deals and now those players are old and not as effective anymore. And Datsyuk leaving didn’t help either.

I’d wait to see what he can do when he gets some extra cap space to work with. Unfortunately Zett still has 4 years left and Nielsen has 5.


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Interesting math. You must be young as I was going to hawks games at the UC less than 15 years ago that had MAYBE 6-7500 people there and that was the norm. The hawks and the lions of the late 90’s early 00’s had more than a few parallels.


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To be fair his last few years drafting hasnt been that bad. This rebuild was going to eventually come we were able to stay competive for 25 years not many teams go through this long of a stretch without rebuilding. He did this all while drafting in the bottom half of the draft year in and year out. His real fault was handing out a couple of ridiculous contracts to older guys. He can also nail this rebuild by getting a little lucky and jumping in the top 3 in this years draft and having 10 picks this year will surely help. I thinj he deserves to see this rebuild through.


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His drafting has almost always been fine. But he doesn’t know how to effectively manage a salary cap. He’s given huge contracts to guys like Abdelkader, Dekeyser and Helm. I’ve got nothing against those players. But their deals are insane considering their production. They are crippling our flexibility. With deals like that, Holland all but guaranteed a lengthier rebuild.


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This does not please me. They are saddled with bad deals he made. Yes he had previous success, that is not a recipe for future success. Hopefully Hughes falls into his lap if he can’t draft Dahlin. The defense has sucked since Lidstrom left. Not average, not slightly below average, sucked as in, the drizzling shits. Ugh, I could rant for hours.

Is what it is, hope he fixes things but I’m not confident....

uncle leo

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Are some of the most backwards-thinking organizations.

Red Wings are extending a GM that hasn't steered the team to a series win in what, a decade? And consistently overpaying and oversigning guys that clearly don't deserve it.

Pistons are stuck on the wheel of medicority because they just don't have the foresight to actually go through the normal channels of rebuilding in the NBA. Instead, they are sastified with finishing 8th-11th and landing picks between 12-15. 

Lions are the Lions.

The Tigers are really the only team that are doing this rebuilding the right way.


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The last impact defenseman he drafted was Kronwall in the 2000 draft.

You cant go 20 years between drafting impact defenseman and expect to field a competitive club.

Navy Wolverine

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We all know what Ken Holland brings to the table. I think a lot of his bad decisions have been influenced, at least in part, by ownership. Chris Illitch is ok with .500 hockey, "I like my team", sneaking into the playoffs  where you never know what can happen" and overall mediocrity. All of the empty seats in the brand new pizzarena should be an indication of how the fans feel about the direction of the Wings.

I hope I'm wrong but this is really depressing.


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Not quite on topic, but, does anyone know why the Preds played The Victors over speakers when receiving the Presidents Cup? Do they use as a team song? Or, are they just celebrating their Victor(y)?


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Kenny Holland is one of the best GMs in the history of sport. A few down years after an epic playoff run lasting decades!
Go back to your basements!