OT: official cubs fan support thread

Submitted by Doc Brown on May 28th, 2012 at 5:53 PM
Our suffering is over! I believe this win will be a springboard to the post season. De Jesus and Santo are heating up. Go cubs!


the Glove

May 28th, 2012 at 8:58 PM ^

Hahaha I've been hearing shit like this my entire life from cubs fans. While they continue hoping, my Cards will keep racking up the rings. Three world series appearances in 8 years isn't to shabby.


May 28th, 2012 at 9:12 PM ^

The party culture that is so engrained in playing for the cubs and rooting for them will always limit their success. There's no win or go home atmosphere. If they lose cubs fans are still happy and the players can go out to wrigleyville and party with those same fans til 2am. Give me a blue collar team that expects success and leadership and I'll see world series champs.


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the chip some baseball fans have on their shoulders re: the Cubs is incredible. Sorry that people love our team. Sorry that people enjoy the ballpark atmosphere. I'm tired of having to apologize for the yuppies that populate Wrigley. WE'RE NOT ALL LIKE THAT!!! If only we all got to choose the teams we grew up near, we would all choose "blue collars teams that expect success." I grew up 4 blocks form Wrigley, and I will die a Cubs fan. I wouldn't trade it for anything else. 


May 28th, 2012 at 10:59 PM ^

Someone please post that to show substitutteacherx how the rest of Americans see the Cubs. They are by far the worst franchise in MLB, except their fans believe they have a shot. #nofingshot


May 29th, 2012 at 12:54 AM ^

What is wrong with you people? As a Cubs fan, sure, there are many people who simply "pretend" to be Cubs fans so they can say they go to Wrigley, get drunk, make out with chicks, and enjoy a day in the sun.

Oh noes! How dare they!

Apparently, this means all Cubs fans are morons who have no idea how crummy a baseball team they support while believing every year is going to be their year. Also, nobody knows the names of any players. And we're convinced a goat/guy in glasses is to blame for our misfortune. Because curses are real, you see, and only Cubs fans believe in superstitious bullshit. Just us. No other fan bases have ever assigned blame for some crappy fortune to a totem of sorts. Man, we're such assholes.

Here's the deal...

There are lot of knowledgeable, passionate Cubs fans who realized going into the year this team was going to blow something fierce. Fans who've spent entire lifetimes hoping they would win the World Series or even make a fucking World Series.

Fans who could tell you about Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ferguson Jenkins, Ryne Sandberg, Shawne Dunston, Mark Grace, Andre Dawson, Greg Maddux, Rick Sutcliffe, Lee Smith.

Fans who could also tell you about Brant Brown's dropped fly ball in '98, Gary Gaetti's homer in the one-game playoff against San Francisco that same year, the time Steve Trachsel was the ace of our staff, Lee Elia's "85% of the world works, the other 15% come here" comment, Leon Durham, the fact that Alex Gonzalez dropped the double play ball in the '03 NLCS, Kerry Wood's homer in Game 7 of that series, Dusty Baker stupidly putting in Carlos Marmol in Game 1 of the '07 NLDS against Arizona, Will Clark single-handedly ending our dreams in '89, the thrill of watching Sosa on a day-to-day basis.

Shit, I thought this board wasn't RCMB or MLive.


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I will be the first to admit I wish I wasn't. The team brings pain and agony every year even if they aren't horrible. Like most fans that start at an early age, it is not like we choose to be a Cubs fan, it is just the way it is. As odd as it is too admit on a Michigan sports blog, even at just 22, I would glady give away a chance to see any of my other teams win it all for just 1 chance to be in Wrigleyville when the Cubs clinch a World Series. Some of you may remember in March the MLB video game add had a Cubs team winning it all. I was tearing up at the thought before it even showed that it was a guy playing a game. The end point, is while Wrigley is the greatest ballpark to drink and be merry, many Cubs fans are as die-hard and smart as anyone else. We are the anti-bandwagon, anti-fair weather fans, We will support the team no matter what. In the end, isn't that what it means to be a true fan?


May 29th, 2012 at 5:08 AM ^

I'm glad I'm a Sox Fan, and actually feel sorry for Cub fans. From a pure business perspective, it makes sense for Cubs management to field losing teams. Since so called "fans" will continue to flock to the North Side for the Wrigley experience, the Cubs will continue to make money no matter what they put on the field.

Funny and sad thing is, management has spent money to try to win, but has failed miserably in how they've spent, burdening them with long term costs it will take years to recover from. This pathetic mismangement, along with the Rickett's family overextending and political blunders, just reinforces that it makes sense to field losing teams who don't cost that much. While I know there are some knowledgeable Cubs fans, there are legions who go to Wrigley to party, ogle girls, and get drunk. Watch the game? Eh, not so much.