OT: Octopus throwing

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"if you throw an octopus at Joe Louis Arena, during a Red Wings game, you will be ejected, fined $500, face a court hearing, and possibly sent to jail if you do not pay $150 to the Detroit Police department"


The NHL/Bettman are rediculous. Octopus throwing has only been going on for 15 years without any kind of incident.



April 15th, 2011 at 10:30 AM ^

apparently the NHL officials were the driving force of all of it while local police and Red Wings officials (a ticket taker actually acknowledged it as he brought it in) haven't cared. he'll be made a martyr figure and be more than fine in the end but this is def NHL overstepping.


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An octopus can feel pain and pleasure. While I enjoy the tradition, unless the octopus exits the ice unharmed (thrown through the air to land on a sheet of ice?), I must support the preventative measures. The enjoyment gleaned simply isn't worth the sacrifice. 


Edit: I've just realized that dead octopuses can also be thrown. Oh well, I laughed at myself.


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I can understand your position and would support the NHL if this was their reasoning. Although, the NHL says it poses a danger to the players from the residue/slime left over from the octopus. Which over 15 years of tossing them is obviously incorrect. Finally, I am nearly 100% certain all the octopus thrown are dead.


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Has anyone here ever actually thrown an octopus onto the ice? I always wondered how people carried them in. Obvious answer would be a cooler, but that's not allowed these days.


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a thread similar to this in the fact that it has to do w/ Octopus throwing at wings game. I may be only 20 but i've seen enough wings playoff games to know the tradition of the octopus. I think that betman is doing this for the fact that it has gotten a little out of control. Now you see the octopus all the time during the regular season on the road and you see about 3 or 4 during a playoff game. It used to be 1 or 2 at the most during a game but it has gotten out of hand so i can sort of see where Betman is going with this one, even though it's a bit harsh.. I honestly don't think it matters, our wings fan base still has some crazies in it (which i love) that will throw the pie on the ice regardless. GO WINGS!! 


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No way on earth this ever gets enforced. The Red Wings take pride in their fans. While the individual may still be ejected if they get caught, their is no way that the DP is going to enforce this ridiculous rule. Gary Bettman seriously needs to be fired before he ruins the entire tradition of the NHL.


April 15th, 2011 at 11:36 AM ^

I just cant stand Bettman and what he's trying to do. but with the consussion movement, everyone (read: dumb people) sees him as a hero and making the sport safer. Get rid of Colin Campbell too. I seriously believe that the NHL Playoffs have become corrupt. NHL/Refs have an agenda and the Campbell Email debacle kinda proved that.


April 15th, 2011 at 11:59 AM ^

I couldn't agree more. Bettman needs to go. I can remember back in the 90's watching not just the Wings playoff series, but the overall NHL Playoffs. So much better hockey. Hitting was heavier, and games were more intense. Today's game seems too planned and pretty. Hockey shouldn't be a "pretty" space. And as I have said many times, officials today want to be a part of the game too much. We should not notice the impact of the officiating the way we do in professional sports. It's a shame the way the NHL has changed over the last 10 years.


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I've never heard of this link before (is it even real)? This is on my bucket list so I will find out one day!
<br>This will never be enforced regardless but anyway I love the story a few years back when a guy did it at Pittsburg and got thrown out. Then he scalped a ticket outside and got right back in for like $500


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I've heard about threats to ban octopi throwing many times before, the act of banning octopi throwing should be illegal, not the act of throwing octopi.


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you may be right but I remember an octopus being thrown on the ice in the 80's against edmonton.


Or I am crazy and you are right.


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You are right, someone further up did say that, my bad for not reading the posts first.


You are one of a select few who even remember that movie or the title. One of my NCO's in the Corps used to call me Harry Crumb. When I tell people that I get the deer in headlights look.


Props to you, i would give you a pos vote but I dont have enough points to do so


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This has been going on for many years, the eight legs of the octopus represented the 8 wins you needed to win the Stanley Cup back in the old days. It was never much of an issue until back in the 90's (?) at some point the people supporting the Florida panthers began to throw plastic rats on the ice, it became really annoying as they would throw hundrends of them out on the ice and the clean up would take many minutes of time away from the game. This was what started the NHL looking at banning things such as the octupus.