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Submitted by macdaddy on February 16th, 2012 at 5:24 AM

I went to the OU basketball game with my kids last night and I would highly recommend the experience for anyone who's close enough to go. The Grizzlies won 76-68 over Southern Utah in OT on Senior Night. The quality of the ball is excellent and the facility (the O'rena) is top-notch and small enough that you are very close to the action (so close in fact that it was quite easy to make out every word of coach Kampe's frequent meltdowns). Parking is free and a 4 minute walk away, tickets are inexpensive as are food, drink and merchandise. The band, cheerleaders, dance team, student section, etc. are all excellent - very much like a B1G experience but on a smaller scale. Plus it's all very accesible for anyone living in the suburban Detroit area.


The two seniors honored last night were Reggie Hamilton who is second in the nation (!) in scoring and Lucas Laval-Perry (YTLLP). There was a nice pre-game ceremony and they capped it off with an exciting win. I'm now definitely a Grizz fan - except when they play Michigan.



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Your aged avatar and the post reminded me of some good (and illegal) times from years ago when friends and I jumped the fence at nearby Meadowbrook to catch some shows.


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....go support the U of M women's hoops team.

  • They are having a good  year.  They are currently predicted as an 8 seed and trending up in ESPN'S latest women's bracketology.
  • Because of low attendence, you can also sit close to the action.
  • You will often see other people of interest stopping in to check out the action..... some members of the men's basketball team, e.g.

I'm not trying to steal the OP's thunder.  I respect his personal interests and I don't doubt that he had a good time in Oakland's gym.  When I was a student at U of M, I broke away for a couple of EMU games to watch Earl Boykins play.  The old fieldhouse atmosphere can be pretty intense.   It just would be nice to see our women's team (or any other non-revenue sport) get more support, particularly from Michigan fans who are a short trek away from Ann Arbor. 


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Yay Golden Grizzlies!  Three members of my family took classes there.  It always amazed me how much school spirit some students had, whereas I was just attending as a means to an end to transfer to Ann  Arbor.


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Watching this a high school sophmore with my buds was great.  One had a dad who was a professor at OU so we went to around 5 games a year with him.  I remember when the decided to move from DII to DI.  It was a big deal.  Rawle Marshall was a great slasher and they had an undersized post player (6'4" or 6'5") who could rebound like a champ.





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Coach Kampe is a class act, used to be an assistant at the University of Toledo, my hometown. When people mention longevity, they mention Coach Boeheim. Coach Boeheim is a great guy, but Coach Kampe is Golden Grizzlies basketball, taking them through the transition to Division I.