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I’m off to go try out for the Lions. I wonder if they’ll let a guy with a headband and a lions wallet try out. I just have to show them my Lions football card collection and I’m a lock for starting punter.

Tasker Bliss

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Apologies if the hyperlink does not work. I blame Steve Jobs.

Highlights from the article:

“We’ve lost some of the passion of our die-hard fans, and that’s not easy to get back,” said Joel Maturi, a former Minnesota athletic director and a past chairman of the N.C.A.A. men’s Division I hockey committee. “They didn’t like North Dakota. They don’t feel the same way about Ohio State or Penn State. And a lot of Minnesota people don’t feel the league has been successful because we haven’t done well in the postseason.”

“It takes a strong conference and strong teams to forge those rivalries,” said Michigan Coach Mel Pearson, who took over for the retired coaching legend Red Berenson.

Baugh So Har

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“When you see the ball go up, you’re like, ‘yes, Johnny, please my dude,’” Rams defensive lineman Michael Brockers said. “Then when he pins somebody deep, and the ball hits at the 1 and goes out, I’m like: ‘Bro, that was dope. That. Was. Dope.’”


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Very true.  My reaction is much more personal than I should have allowed...being a St Louis resident, seeing the impact to the team leaving here is very real to me.  Although not much of a Rams fan (still a Lions fan, God save my soul), I hate what that damn owner did to this city.


All of it because the previous family who owned the team did not do proper estate planning...